Cost of Living for Students in New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its gorgeous scenery and excellent study opportunities. Not to mention, New Zealand might be more affordable than many other countries. Let’s know about the cost of living and tuition fees for students in New Zealand.

Cost of Studying in New Zealand

Providing proof of financial resources is part of the New Zealand student visa application. Indeed, you must provide evidence that you can cover your living expenses while studying in New Zealand.

In case you are studying in New Zealand on a scholarship or if you have a sponsor / family member, that has agreed to support you financially during your stay in New Zealand, you may not be required to prove the financial ability.

Available Accommodation options

Accommodation options vary between university halls and homestay or apartments. Also, accommodation costs vary greatly depending on the region.


You can choose homestay, which means you will live as a guest in a New Zealand family while studying.

Besides, meals are usually provided, and utility costs are included in the room price. In addition, the cost average is around 180 to 240 NZD per week.

Rent apartments

The least expensive option for you may be to rent an apartment or room in a shared house. But you will have to divide the costs according to your own needs, gas cost and electricity bill, in addition to the rent cost.

Besides, while you move, you will need to pay an amount of money equal to the rental cost for 2 to 4 weeks.

Also, you can recover the amount once you free the place.

Weekly rent is likely to range between 120 and 230 NZD per week (depending on the size and accommodation place).

University accommodation in New Zealand

Most universities in New Zealand offer students the option of living in campus in the halls of residence.

The halls of residence are generally located within a short distance from the campus.

In addition, meals are included in the rental price and the rooms are either single or twin. Also, all rooms have a shared laundry room, lounge room, and a dining hall.

There is a huge demand for accommodation on campus due to the attractive lifestyle it offers. Hence, this makes it a more expensive option for student accommodation.

Additionally, the University of Auckland offers accommodation agreements for 38/42/52 weeks in student halls  at a single bedroom cost of NZ 8,944.40 for a period of 38 weeks, and a room in a shared apartment from 3 to 4 people at a cost of NZ $ 10010.

Cost of Living in New Zealand for international students

Costs vary according to city and university, but on average, the student who lives in the halls will have to pay about NZ $300 per week.

Food Costs

New Zealand has a group of supermarkets where you can easily buy good quality essentials at moderate prices. These prices are in NZ$:

  • Liter of full-fat milk: 4.40
  • White bread (for sandwich) 700 gr: 2.99
  • Chicken breast fillet 400 gr: 26.99
  • Bottle of olive oil 500 ml: 8.39
  • White rice 500 g: 1.59
  • Spaghetti 500 g: 2.29
  • Coca-Cola 1.5L liter: 3.40
  • Cappuccino: 4.30
  • Bottle of water 330 ml: 3

Transportation in New Zealand

All the largest New Zealand cities have a set of public transportation systems.

Also, most cities have buses and some areas provide cheaper tickets for student buses.

Besides, train services are available to the outer suburbs of Auckland and Wellington. Most of them are available at very reasonable prices.

The main system of public transportation in New Zealand is the bus. But there are also trains that travel between cities, and ferries that can take you across the islands. The prices are calculated based on the number of districts you traveled through.

Typical living costs

The cost of living for a student in New Zealand depends on your lifestyle and in which part of the country you live in. Also, some costs vary depending on the region. For example, you may need to travel more to the main centers, and transportation costs may be more expensive than in your country.

As an example of the budget that you will need, these are some universities’ recommendations for the money a student may need annually:

  • University of Victoria: between $ 18,000 and $ 27,000.
  • Auckland University: between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000.
  • University of Otago: between $ 15,000 and $ 17,000.
  • Massey University recommends: $ 15,000 to $ 18,000.

You may be able to cover some of your costs by working. Besides, most student visas enable you to work up to 20 hours per week or full-time work on holidays. This is what we will talk about in our next article:

Working while studying in New Zealand.

In conclusion, hope our article on the cost of living for students in New Zealand gains your interest and enriches your knowledge. Also, in case you decide to study in New Zealand, we recommend you to read the following article:

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