How to Study For Free in New Zealand

New Zealand is often mentioned as a destination to study abroad for various reasons, such as being a relatively small country. Studying for free in New Zealand is one of the options allowing all students and even the international ones to study abroad.

Lower cost university study in New Zealand

The New Zealand government introduced new policies to reduce the cost of undergraduate education. Also, it offers one-year free-tuition for new students in higher education.

Besides, there is even a website created to help the student find out if they are qualified.

Additionally, make sure you have the National Student Number (NSN) on hand, as this will make it faster and easier. In case you don’t have your NSN, the website will tell you what you need to do to get one.

In case you have been residing in New Zealand for three years and will join Auckland University directly from a school, you are very likely to be eligible for free tuition fees. Also, some other categories of residents, including refugees, are eligible.

What does the free tuition fee cover?

The government will pay fees up to $ 12,000 to cover the tuition and the mandatory fees associated with it. Also, it covers the compulsory student service fees for one year’s full-time study (usually 120 credit hours). In case you are studying part-time, you can extend it for longer periods.

Student Loans

If you are eligible to study without fees and already apply for a loan, you can cancel or reduce the loan amount.

In case you have not applied for a student loan, you will only require to apply for a part of the living cost.

Also, what you decide to do with your loan depends on your individual circumstances. For example: the other costs you need to cover as well as the fees which usually apply on your program.

What happens if you do not complete your studies?

If you registered in courses, and then you canceled it, you would lose your right to get free fees in coming years.

Please note that on January 1, 2018, student aid and loans are raised to $ 50 per week. No change is made to the accrual rules for both.

SIT ZERO system for free tuition fees

This system is for students who are permanent residents of New Zealand during their studies. In addition, it offers the opportunity to study accredited programs for free tuition fees.

The free fees system only applies to the basic tuition fees related to each study program. Besides, it applies to the costs of direct materials.

In addition, they are of course limited to items like uniforms, texts, tools, activities and NZQA fees.

Direct fees (and program fees if the student cancels free study fees)are paid before the course begins.

In case the student wishes to register as an international student through SIT2LRN, the international fee amounts at NZ $ 100 per credit (GST Zero Rated).

Also, it means that 15 credits will be priced at NZ $ 1,500 (GST Zero-Rated), and a full-time study program of 120 hours will be priced at NZ $ 12,000 (GST Zero Rated.

The cheapest universities in New Zealand for international students

Affordable universities’ tuition come as another option to study almost for free without compromising on the top-quality education you get in New Zealand. If you couldn’t benefit from a grant and/or a loan, you can consider reasonable universities while working part-time in New Zealand. 

Here is a list of the cheapest universities in New Zealand, with annual tuition costs ranging between NZ$25,000 and NZ$40,000.

University of Waikato

Not only this is the cheapest university in New Zealand for international students but the institution welcomes students from all over the world. Up to 30% of Waikato students are actually international students. Tuition fee starts from NZD $27,210 per year (USD $18,400).

Massey University

Another university with high international profile, Massey is also the only one in New Zealand offering study programs in aviation, nanoscience, veterinary medicine or dispute resolution. Annual tuition fee at Massey university starts at NZD $28,150 (USD $19,040).

University of Canterbury

Not only Canterbury is an affordable university, it also is among the 1% best ranked universities in the world. It is the second-oldest institution of higher education in New Zealand, offering international students to study business, law, education, engineering…

Lincoln University

With a tuition fee starting from NZD $29,700 per year (USD $20,100), Lincoln University hosts around 2,500 students. 42% of them are international students. It offers programs in the fields of Agribusiness and Commerce, Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Environment, Society and Design.

University of Otago

This university has programs which costs start from NZD $31,370 per year (USD $21,210). Its biggest advantage is that the institution offers a few grant programs for international students, among which is the New Zealand Scholarship program and the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships for foreign undergraduates, amounting NZ$10,000 educational awards.

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