A Guide for Masters Study in New Zealand for 2023

New Zealand universities offer unique postgraduate opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Besides, masters and doctoral studies in New Zealand is an opportunity to take advantage of the perfect mix of excellent research opportunities, affordable fees and extracurricular activities offered by this country. Find out if New Zealand is a good place for masters study. Learn as well the universities’ admission requirements, and how many years lasts a masters degree in New Zealand.

Masters degrees in New Zealand for international students

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, many students decide to increase their experience and education by pursuing a master’s degree. In New Zealand, it takes about two years of study to get a master. However, some institutions like the University of Auckland offer masters programs of one year (120 points master), 18 months (180 points) and two years (240 points) of full study. 

Usually, like in many universities in the world, you have the choice between full time and part-time study options. Also, New Zealand universities offer research-based masters and taught courses masters. Both course types will have you to produce a graduation dissertation under an assigned expert supervision. 

Masters by research consist in building your knowledge of a particular subject by means of an extensive research project. Taught masters on the other hand will equip you to get more professional skills. It often includes internship and building industry connections for you to get a good start in your career after you graduate. There are programs offered in many fields in order to enable students to find the major that suits them and their goals. The academic year is split into two semesters, which start either in February or July.

How to apply for a Master’s degreein New Zealand?

While New Zealand offers a wide range of options for Master’s studies, many students are still unaware of how to apply for a Master’s degree and also what makes them eligible to study in one of New Zealand’s top universities.

The following explains the application process for Master’s Program in New Zealand.

Choose the subject of study

The first step to prepare for a Master in New Zealand is to choose the subject you wish to pursue. Most students usually choose a course which they already have a Bachelor’s degree in.

Besides, you should consider the programs in which universities are excellent in the country. Also, you can do it by finding the programs that attract the largest number of international students to New Zealand.

Search for Universities

Once you have decided on the course you want to study, you must search for the universities in which you can enroll. While you search, you have to make sure about the availability of the chosen program in the university.

In addition to, you have to start searching for your options at least 10 months before application. Also, choose the universities that suit your application. Normally, application in New Zealand is in February. Therefore, it is useful to start the search process in May or June of the previous year.

University’s entry requirements for a masters study 

The very minimum requirement to apply to a master’s degree program is a Bachelor’s qualification. However, the other basic documentation you need to provide include: 

  • Certified academic transcripts from your current or previous university. This should of course include sufficient grades. 
  • References, including statements from people with experience of you in your professional or academic environment
  • Personal statement along with your project proposal

Moreover, some universities may require you to pass interviews. But, it is unlikely for the university to require an interview to international students who aren’t already in New Zealand. You should nonetheless be prepared to have a less formal interview through skype or by phone in case the institution need to talk to you. 

How much does a master’s degree cost in New Zealand

To get a master in a New Zealand university, international students must spend between NZD $26,000 and NZD $37,000 per year for a master’s degree. It is the average cost, but subjects like engineering, medicine or science are on the higher scale. On the other hand, you will pay lower tuition fees if you study for a master in arts or humanities and any related majors.

Along with these study fees, you will have to consider your living costs, which depend on your lifestyle and the city of New Zealand you decide to settle in. Masters and PhD students in New Zealand have the right to work up to 20 hours per week to fund their studies. They can also work full time during holidays. The other option you have to fund your studies in New Zealand is to apply for a scholarship. 

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Some of the training courses required in New Zealand

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Science (Software Engineering)
  • National diploma in engineering
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Additionally, New Zealand offers the 62 best master’s programs, you can choose the suitable program for you.

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