How to Get a Student Accommodation in New Zealand?

Do you think about studying abroad? Are you looking for student accommodation in New Zealand?

As a foreign student, the choice of accommodation is one of the challenges you may face. Therefore, New Zealand offers different options for accommodation.

Accommodation Types: Where do students live in New Zealand?

Since New Zealand’s quality of living is fairly good for students, the preferred options of accommodation are:

  • Student accommodation or residence halls
  • Apartments
  • Rent a private house
  • Home-stay
  • Motel

Now, let’s know each of the above-mentioned housing types in detail:

On Campus Student Accommodation in New Zealand

Every educational institution in New Zealand has to find accommodation for international students (if they are informed in a timely manner).

Besides, accommodation types may vary from shared halls between multiple students to individual rooms. Also, living rooms and kitchens are shared. Rooms may be en suite or with shared bathrooms, depending on student requirements and financial means.

Local students also benefit fromstudent accommodation in the halls. So it is better to book early as they mayhave deadlines for reserving rooms. Since pre-departure operations such asloans and visa procedures take a long time, it is better for students to decideat least the amenities they want to provide in the room.

Approximate costs may vary depending on amenities and accommodation period. Also, it usually includes water and electricity. However, this may not include the food bill (and telephone/internet) which is around an extra 150 to 220 NZD per week.

Apartments in New Zealand

A group of students rent an apartment, dividing the weekly rent and the cost of the facilities, as well as sharing some of the housework. In addition, it makes this type of accommodation the most money-saving options.

It also gives the student an opportunity to socialize with students of other nationalities and adapt to the New Zealand lifestyle.

Approximate cost is 120 NZD to 230 NZD per week.

Renting a private residence

You may want to rent your own residence in a house or apartment. Therefore, this option is more suitable for older students or those seeking more independence.

Also, approximate market prices are between 150 NZD and 200 NZD per room without food and expenses.

Home-stay in New Zealand

This usually means that thestudent will live inside a family home that has enough space. Although thestudent is invited to participate in many family activities such as sharingmeals and housework, he will reside in a separate room.

The good thing about homestay is that you live with a New Zealand family in a welcoming home environment. Besides, students who need to improve their English or who come to the country to study English, this type of housing offers them an excellent opportunity to practice the language.

Additionally, all meals (except for lunches on weekdays) are included in the accommodation costs.

Approximate cost is NZ $ 220-275 per week (including food).

Motel in New Zealand

This type of accommodation is only suitable for short accommodation. In case the student is not able to obtain any type of accommodation, it is wise to book in a motel for a maximum period of 3 to 7 days. Also, this guarantees you temporary accommodation on your arrival and gives you enough time to search for long-term accommodation options directly.

Besides, this type of housing can be expensive, and you should keep it as a last option. So it is best to reserve one of the above options before traveling.

Also, there are many temporary accommodations and motels in the city center where you can stay for a short or medium period. Besides, there is usually a choice of private rooms, shared rooms or dormitory rooms.

Additionally, prices range from 150 to 220 NZD per week. Therefore, we only recommend it for students with good English and planning for a short stay in New Zealand.

How much is student accommodation in New Zealand?

The cost of accommodation varies depending on the lifestyle the student wants. Besides, the national average rent for a three-bedroom house is 340 NZD per week. It is just over 110 NZD per week for room.

When to apply for a student accommodation in New Zealand

When applying for student housing in New Zealand, it is always wise to start the application as soon as the university application opens. Even if you have not yet got a positive response for your university admission, that will help you secure a place of living once you set foot in the country. 

For some universities, like the University of Auckland, the accommodation office will still attempt to find housing for their students past the deadline. However, a place cannot be guaranteed. Some institutions, on the other hand, guarantee an accommodation for international students, like the University of Canterbury for example. 

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