10 Things You Need to Know Before Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country and always proud of its clean atmosphere and green nature. Also, Kiwis are friendly and welcoming people. For international students to get the best study and accommodation experience, here are 10 important things to know before studying in New Zealand.

1- Book your trip to New Zealand

Once you know your accommodation plans and dates, you will have a better idea about booking your flight to New Zealand.

To save money in your flight ticket, be flexible with flight dates. For example, midweek flights are usually cheaper than weekend ones.

2- Obtain Student Accommodation

To reduce stress, it is very important to arrange for your accommodation before traveling to New Zealand.

As this means that you know where to go once you arrive in New Zealand.

Learn more about how to get a student accommodation in New Zealand?

Also, you will need to pay a deposit before moving to your residence. For more details, find out how to obtain student housing in New Zealand.

This is one of the most important 10 things to know before you go studying in New Zealand.

3- The weather in New Zealand

Expect to try the four seasons together in one day in New Zealand.

So when you are preparing for your trip to the land of the long white cloud,  make sure you have sweaters and a rain jacket in your bag. Besides, the coldest time of the year is between June and August. Also, the weather in New Zealand tends to be cooler in the south than in the north.

4- New Zealand cities

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is among the best student cities in New Zealand, where you will find the government headquarters, many major companies, universities, and cultural centers.

Learn more about Student Cities in New Zealand

Also, there are other cities that you can visit or live in such as Christchurch in Canterbury, Hamilton in Waikato, Tauranga in Bay of Plenty, and Napier-Hastings in Hawke’s Bay.

5- How to deal with money

Before you travel to New Zealand,make sure that the credit card company and the bank know that you will go (as youshould do with any international flight).

For tipping, most workers in the service industry get a good wage. So tipping is neither mandatory nor expected. Also, in small cities all over the country, many people earn their livings through tourism and tipping is still optional in those cities.

6- Enjoy New Zealand at the lowest cost

There are many ways to save money. For example, a meal usually costs less than $15, and many programs include meal options with host families.

Besides, the multi-day natural galleries can cost quite a bit, but the national park usually offers a free day for its visitors.

Learn more about the costs of studying and living in New Zealand.

7- Get ready to feel homesick

It is normal to feel homesick when you arrive in another country for the first time.

Besides, everything seems new and different and even simple things like buying food from the supermarket can seem like a challenge.

Once you start feeling homesick, try to find something that relaxes you, go for a walk, for example, or go to the gym.

8- Maintain your health

Eating and sleeping well helps you stay healthy.

Also, you can join a sports team or register for the gym. Besides, walking with friends is considered another good way to stay active. So bring a group of international students together for the weekend. Most city councils have a list of local walks on their websites.

9- Important things you should not forget

It is considered one of the most important tips to know before studying in New Zealand. So note them as follows:

  • Prepare your passport, student visa, and plane ticket
  • At least $500 in cash in New Zealand currency
  • An adapter to connect electrical devices such as (laptop / mobile phone, etc)
  • Medicines: If you need prescribed medicines, you can bring with you enough medicines for only three months. For more than 3 months, you will need to be accompanied by a letter from your doctor in English.
  • Documents of immigration as proof, such as return ticket and travel insurance.
  • Your university’s papers and contact details.

10- Things you should know about New Zealand


New Zealand is a friendly and safe country, but it will be better to take some caution.

Crime still happens, so always be smart and guarded.

Public transport

Compared to many means of transport in the world, the New Zealand bus system is somehow frightening.

It can be difficult or costly to reach many nice places you wish to see in New Zealand by using buses only.

If you remember these little things, your time in New Zealand will be great.

We wish you good luck and safe travel!

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