Types of Scholarships in New Zealand

Do you want to study for free in New Zealand? New Zealand government and some New Zealand universities offer many scholarships in New Zealand to international students, including also PhD and Masters Scholarships.

Why do you need a scholarship in New Zealand?

Getting a scholarship (whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate) means that you do not have to find part-time work, and this gives you more time to focus on your education. Therefore, scholarship is a great way to pay for study and living expenses in New Zealand without having to study and work at the same time.

How do I apply for a scholarshipin New Zealand?

Obtaining a scholarship requires good advance planning. Also, following these simple tips to improve your chances of successfully getting scholarships for international students.

However, please note that most of the scholarships have non-negotiable criteria and requirements. So, do not apply for a scholarship unless you fit all the criteria and can meet all requirements.

In case you are not sure of meeting all the scholarship criteria, contact the institution that manages the scholarships to discuss your circumstances.

Types of international scholarships in New Zealand for international students

New Zealand Development Scholarships

New Zealand Development Scholarships provide study opportunities in New Zealand for international students of selected developing countries to acquire knowledge and skills through their postgraduate studies on specific subjects, which will assist in the development of their countries.

Besides, scholarships include tuition fees, travel costs, living and insurance allowance.

International PhD Scholarship in New Zealand

NZIDRS offers scholarships to excellent international students who wish to pursue a doctorate at a university in New Zealand.

Also, NZIDRS covers the following for three-year: university education and student fees as well as an annual pension of NZ $ 25,000 (no taxes), and medical insurance coverage of NZ $ 600 per year.

UCI international first year scholarships

Canterbury University offers a first-year UC international scholarship to the best international students who have started a university’s undergraduate degree program.

In addition, this scholarship is currently awarded with $ 10,000, $ 15,000, or $ 20,000.

University of Otago International Research Scholarship

The International University of Otago provides funding to support international students who are studying thesis-based masters at the University of Otago.

Besides, this scholarship includes NZ $ 13,000 annually. On top, you get fee for exemption of international tuition fees (excluding student and insurance services fees).

Victoria University Masters Scholarships

To encourage graduate research at the University of Victoria, the University offers scholarships for students that are about to start a full-time, research-focused Master’s degree.

Scholarships include $ 15,000 in addition to domestic fees.

International students will be responsible for paying the difference between full international student fees and domestic fees.

University of WaikatoInternational Excellence Scholarships 

Waitako University offers a new and exciting scholarship to international students who have proven their excellence in their previous studies.

Besides, this scholarship supports basic education programs, undergraduate programs, or postgraduate studies. In addition to, the scholarship is worth up to NZ $ 5,000 applied to tuition fees.

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Here are some scholarships offered to foreign students in New Zealand. In addition to 295 other scholarships in New Zealand, including:

One million dollar scholarship for all students

This scholarship is fully funded. Students of graduation programs or undergraduate programs in New Zealand are also eligible to apply for this fully-funded educational scholarship. However, this scholarship committee has the right to withdraw the scholarship at any time.

Additionally, the qualified student for this scholarship should not have any financial means to cover his expenses. Also, you are eligible to apply only if you consider yourself eligible for this scholarship.

You are not eligible for this scholarship if your father, for example, earns enough money to finance your education.

On the top of the benefits you will gain, in case your application for this scholarship is accepted, they are full funding of tuition and book expenses as well as taking advantage of a fixed salary that is paid to you.

Tips to successfully apply and get scholarship in New Zealand

In order to get the scholarship to help you cover your study expenses in New Zealand, make sure you comply to all the criteria and requirements. First and foremost, make sure you are eligible for the grant you are applying for. 

Most scholarships have non-negotiable requirements, so make sure you fit before you apply. Also, you need to read carefully and understand the scope and regulations of the scholarship. Find out which fees are included and what are the conditions you should abide to. 

Next thing to consider is the deadline. The best way to make sure you meet all of them is to start your application process as early as possible. Especially if you need references or documents from other people, it is wise to plan everything very well ahead of the due date. 

A good way to increase your chance to get a scholarship in New Zealand is to apply for multiple programs. Moreover, make sure to check if you have used the correct application form and documents for each separate program.

In conclusion, we hope you get what you look for in our article” Types of scholarships in New Zealand”.

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