How to Apply to a New Zealand University?

As promised in our previous article “the best universities in New Zealand”, we will talk today about how to apply to a New Zealand university.

However, the registration requirements for New Zealand universities vary depending on the school the student chooses. Therefore, we will only explain some of the requirements for applications according to most New Zealand schools.

In addition to the information we will provide, you can get more information about the appropriate departments in your university by contacting it.

Academic year and acceptance of registration applications

The academic year in New Zealand lasts from February to November, with a four-week break in June and July.

Most students register in the university in February and July. Besides, most universities start accepting applications in August before the academic year in which you want to start your university studies.

In addition, most universities in New Zealand allow registration requests to be sent through the university’s website or by email. However, you can for sure send your request by the traditional airmail if you like.

Steps to take when you apply to a New Zealand university 

First and foremost, once you have chosen the institution you are going to apply to, collect all the documents you need. You can gather all information on the university’s website, but usual necessary documents are detailed further down this article. Make sure you comply to all the admission requirements of your university of choice. 

Next is to send your application, usually through the institution’s portal. This step usually requires you to fill application forms and attach the required files, submit everything and wait for an acceptance letter.

If it is positive, then comes the paying fees, applying for a student visa as well as a medical insurance. Next is booking your plane ticket to go study in New Zealand!

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Registration requirements for most New Zealand universities

The traditional application process includes a number of requirements that you must meet.

Besides, many of them are conforming to the requirements of New Zealand student visa which you will also need to study in New Zealand as a foreign student.

Here are some of the requirements that you will have to submit while applying for New Zealand University:

Personal Statement/ Statement of Intent

Why do you want to go to the University of New Zealand instead of your country? What do you intend to do once you complete your program?

Copies of your high school record, including any university courses you may have studied during high school or at the school you were studying in before moving to a university in New Zealand.

Proficiency exams

Most common proficiency exams are ACT or SAT. Also, other grades are accepted depending on your country of residence.

Proof of Financial Means

You have to submit a proof of the student’s sufficient financial support to fund his studies in New Zealand. Also, you can submit instead an intention to apply for funding for your tuition fees.

Besides, the financial help desk at your university and the New Zealand Immigration Department can help you meet these requirements.

Language requirements 

When you apply to a university in New Zealand, you usually need to provide a proof of proficiency in the English language. Most of the institutions will require an IELTS Academic certificate, but some will accept alternatives. 

To apply to Auckland University, for example, you can provide either one of the following certifications

  • IELTS Academic
  • C1 Advanced (previously – Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE))
  • C2 Proficiency (previously – Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE))
  • University of Auckland Foundation Certificate in English for Academic Purposes (FCertEAP)
  • University of Auckland English Pathway for Undergraduate Studies (EPUS)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
  • Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)
  • Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English (ISE)
  • LanguageCert – International ESOL
  • AEMG English for Academic Purposes Direct Entry Program (AEAP DEP) Final Exam

Registration Fees

Most universities require a type of registration fee you pay while submitting your application.

This fee ranges from NZ $ 25 to NZ $ 50 depending on the school you want to enroll in. Sometimes you can get a waiver of your fees (especially if you send your order by airmail, which can be more expensive).

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Financial Aid

You may be able to create your own bank account through the country you currently reside in according to its rules and that country’s relationship with New Zealand in terms of educational programs.

Also, there are a number of countries that collaborate with New Zealand and help in financing education for students who travel between these countries for study.

The International Studies Office at your selected university will be able to assist you during your registration process at the university where you wish to study. Also, they can answer all your questions about the whole process.

In conclusion, hope you liked our article “How to Apply to a New Zealand University?”

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