Working While Studying in New Zealand

Study and work is a common subject many foreign students are speaking about, as well as the required type of visa if you want to work in New Zealand while studying. Also, what jobs can I get if I want to work on a student visa in New Zealand?

We will answer all these questions and others in this article.

Who is allowed to work whilestudying in New Zealand?

New Zealand student visas usually allow full-time students to work during any breaks, even in summer break (June to July). Also, they can work full time during the break as well, which enables them to get more income while studying in New Zealand. Usually, PhD and Masters by research students work in their fields of study in New Zealand.

PhD or Master’s degree studentsare allowed to search for full-time work. Besides, they do not need any permissionto do this as long as they have a valid student visa.

Students who are English native speakers are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the semester. Also, there is no need to obtain a specific type of visa or any special permission in order to do this, as it is part of your student visa.

On the other hand, students who are not English native speakers need to go through a different process in order to get a job with their visas.

Some students may also need to work as part of their studies, like when they need to undergo an internship. In that case, you need to get a permission from Immigration New Zealand to make this a condition of your visa.

For that, you need to check your visa conditions and make the change if this is not already mentioned in your visa (that your work is part of your study program). Moreover, this doesn’t reduce your right to 20 hours per week, as you complete your work as part of your studies in the same time.

Work in a part-time job while studying as an international student in New Zealand

Having a part-time job whilestudying can help you pay your living expenses and to know new people. It isalso a great way to practice your English.

New Zealand student visas usually allow the student to work full-time for up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and up to 40 hours per week during the summer vacation.

Also, this applies to both high school and higher education students. Besides, Master’s and PhD students can work 40 hours a week throughout the year.

Part-time job salary in New Zealand for international students

The minimum wage is NZ $ 15.25 perhour, although you may earn more. Also, You will be paid for annual holidaysand public holidays, and for rest breaks as well.

Will I pay labor tax?

You will pay taxes on what youearn. In case you earn less than NZ $ 14,000 a year, the current tax rate is10.5%. Before getting started, you need to obtain an IRD number from the NewZealand Tax Agency, Inland Revenue. Also, you can apply for it online.

How can I find a part-time job in New Zealand?

Your education provider may beable to help you find work, speak to student support services.

You can also find work through (student job Search) which is a national institution that helps students to find part-time jobs throughout New Zealand.

Besides, many part-time jobs are advertised on job vacancy websites.

What part-time jobs can I get in New Zealand?

Students do all kinds of part-timejobs, from babysitting to working in their education provider’s library. Thejobs you are likely to find are:

Retail Sales Assistant

Many Kiwi stores offer part-time jobs for students. You will assist clients in selecting products and receiving payment from them, as well as dealing with stored goods and cleaning. Besides, most New Zealand stores close at 6 pm, but you may have to work on Saturday and Sunday.

Seasonal worker

Seasonal work is available in orchards, vineyards, and fruit and vegetable harvesting for sale. Also, you do not need to have any specific skills to be a seasoned worker, which is a popular work for students during the summer vacation.

Supermarket assistant

The supermarket provides job opportunities for people from many countries. Besides, they often employ students to work on weekends and evenings.

Call Center Agent

Call Center work is great and may be appropriate for your schedule, but it requires good English.

Among the full-time jobs, there are also kitchen helpers or waiters.

Finally, hope our article “working while studying in New Zealand” answers your inquiries.

To study in New Zealand you need a student visa, find out with us how to obtain a study visa in New Zealand as well as know about the cost of studying and living in New Zealand.

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