Master in Computer Science in Spain

A degree in Computer Science will open you the door to many types of lucrative career. And you’ll get a training that will help you bring positive impact for society as tech professionals tend to work in fields like education, healthcare, research and many more. So, here’s what studying for a master in computer science in Spain will bring about: a valuable degree from high profile universities, at a less expensive rate than in any other European countries. 

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Is Spain good for computer science?

So, why should you study in Spain to get your master in computer science? The first reason is that Spain has as much of a variety of degrees in the subject in some of the country’s most prestigious universities. Computer science programs vary between computer hardware and computer, artificial intelligence, databases, networks where students also gain problem-solving skills in the field. And you can get all of this from Spanish universities. 

Talking about universities, institutions of higher education in the country also rank among the best worldwide. And in Spain, you will pay for your education in a less expensive tuition to get a degree in a very much in demand specialty. Add to that the fact that the country is among the most student friendly places to study abroad. Consequently, earning a degree in Spain, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, will always be a win!

Best universities for a computer science master in Spain

Here are the top universities in Spain where you can earn a master in computer science. 

Harbour.Space University: for a master in computer science in Barcelona

Harbour.Space in Barcelona is one of the most prominent universities in Spain for IT and computer science studies. Along with bachelor’s degree programs in the field, here are some of the best master’s programs you can check out. 

Master in Computer science

This is for students who have already their bachelor in computer science and wish to deepen their knowledge of all the aspects of the subject. The program is also embedded in mathematics and engineering. Moreover, the course trains students to get foundational knowledge of programming and mathematics during the first year, and learning the practical application of these skills the second year. 

The teaching language is English, and students study full-time for 2 years, to earn 120 ECTS credits. Tuition fees amount around 22,900 EUR, and international students may be eligible for a financial support. 

Learn more on the website of the university.  

Master in Front-end Development

Also, at Harbour.Space University, this is a campus-based master also provided in English, at the Barcelona campus. The master in Front-end Development study lasts 1 year, where students complete 60 ECTS and study full-time. Students learn to build innovative and interesting web interfaces using the latest market technologies. 

Tuition fees are the same as for the master in computer science program. 

IE University: Master in computer science and business technology

At IE University, in Madrid, you can study to earn a master in computer science and business technology. The training aims to prepare you to become tomorrow’s builder of technology. The program is taught in English and lasts for 11 months for a full-time study.

Combining business practices and computer science, the university teach students subjects such as the foundations of computing, digital technologies, innovation methods and so on. The purpose is to turn them into versatile tech professionals, highly employable and on top of their games when it comes to innovation.

To get more info about the course, tuition and more, visit the IE University’s website

EIT Digital Master School at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The Digital Master School of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has a program in Human Computer Interaction and Design. The school is the result of a collaboration between some of the top technical universities, research institutes and leading business partners in Europe. 

This computer science master’s degree, then, equips students to use a combination of human aspects and technological and business ones to create new products and services. These products and services would then boast in their great usability, user experience and high customer demand to ensure their commercial success. 

The program lasts 2 years for a full-time study, and the teaching language is English. Tuition fees are around 15,000 euros per year or 7,500 euros per semester.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Master in Computer Science and Technology

If you’re willing to do your master in computer science in Spain using the Spanish language, the Carlos III University in Madrid has a quite advanced program in the field. Students get an academic and R&D specialization in artificial intelligence, software engineering, multimedia and distributed systems.

Moreover, the master’s program consists of a total of 60 ECTS credits. Students, then, earn their degree after presenting their Master’s Thesis in a public presentation in front of an examination board.

Learn more on the university’s website

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia at its Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB) provides master programs that are worth checking out. What makes the institution stand out is that their programs are offered within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Moreover, you can choose among many programs, from artificial intelligence to advanced computing and Informatics Engineering. 

Get more info on the faculty’s website.

Finally, you now know about how to get a master in computer science in Spain. Check how to apply to Spanish universities as well as our list of the top 10 universities in Spain.

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