Student Accommodation in Spain

Previously, we spoke in our article on the study fees and living costs in Spain, about the cost of student accommodation in Spain, that we will detail further in this article. We’ve also mentioned that living and housing costs anywhere in the world vary in different regions and people.

The cost of student accommodation can be low in Granada, Valencia, and Córdoba, and high in Barcelona, Santiago, and Madrid.

In general, it ranges between 250 and 800 Euros per month.

There are different options regarding housing, and finding a place to stay can be important for newcomers with little experience in the country. There are websites where you can secure housing before traveling and pay commission which is normal, not to mention payment is usually made online or through bank transfer.

If the student wants to search for a place to live upon arriving, then we recommend the use of real estate offices which are spread across the country.

These offices take a commission of one month’s rent. You can also search, but it remains a task in the beginning because you may not be familiar with the region completely.

Types of Student Accommodation in Spain

University dormitories

University dormitories aren’t available in all Spanish universities and do not match the number of arrivals to the region. In most cases they are full, and you can inquire about the availability of rooms from the university itself. The prices start from 400 euros or more, depending on the nature of housing and services like room and food.

One of the characteristics of this category of housing is getting in touch with a youthful society which is appropriate to the student’s age, and reduces the transportation budget, as most of these residences are near the campus.

Family Housing

Living with a family is an option of great benefit, as it helps the student to practice the Spanish language in his daily life.

Generally speaking, students coming to study in Spain seem to prefer staying with a family.

Moreover, students get along with families, as the Spanish people are friendly and social in nature, with a great rapprochement.

Families help in guiding the student towards the best and cheapest types of transportation, and what markets to go to. An advantage of this type of housing is expanding the student’s circle of knowledge by getting to know relatives and friends. Doesn’t get any better!

Student’s or the institute can pick the family and type of services, while interviews with families start. The price is based on the location the student chooses to live, with an average of 15 to 20 euros per day.

Shared Apartments

Often shares the same advantages of housing with a family and university housing in social terms, but are somewhat expensive.

Students pay for the room in addition to other facilities of the apartment that are shared between everyone, such as the kitchen, hall, toilet, etc. Prices range between 150 and 300 euros per week based on the location of the apartment. We do not recommend this to a first-year student.

Private Apartment

Private apartments are expensive as prices range between 600 to1000 euros, which isn’t recommended in the early years of study. Especially if you don’t speak Spanish.

This is mainly because all matters related to the apartment and bills are the responsibility of the student. Not to mention the deal with the owner of the apartment, the telecommunications company, and electricity and water.

Prices range according to region, as a small studio costs an average of 600 euros, not to mention transportation, food, consumer, and cleaning expenses.

As an international student, how do I find accommodation in Spain?

In general, Spanish universities provide student accommodation in the form of student residence halls or student apartments. When looking for a place to live in Spain during your studies, keep also in mind that rent and utilities as well as living costs vary depending on the location you choose. 

Student accommodation in Madrid or Barcelona than any other city in Spain. But there will also be more options available in these cities, so the sooner you start your research the better. It also gives you more time to weigh down all your options before making a decision. 

Moreover, to find student housing, you can check some useful websites such as: 

HousingAnywhere: which collaborates with more than 170 universities from 65 countries, helping students find accommodation abroad, including Spain. 

Casita: serves students in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania to find housing. They also advertise for managed accommodation types that are specifically built for university students. goes the same way, offering the additional advantage of creating formal contractual relationships between landlords and students for a more secure use. 

Uniplaces is a well-known platform. It helps you browse through thousands of student accommodation in the best cities of Europe, including Spanish cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. 

The last option is to join Facebook Groups, which will cure all these ads for you, making it easier and quicker to find a place. Just beware of scammers and make sure to never make any payment before visiting the advertised place.

This has been our overview of Student Accommodation in Spain. In our next article, we will talk about the types of scholarships available to study in Spain.

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