Study Fees and Living Costs in Spain

Previously, we talked about how to obtain a student visa in Spain in our series of articles about Spain. Today we’ll be covering the study fees and living cost in Spain for international students.

How much does it cost to study in Spain?

The study costs in Spain are a bit reasonable compared to European countries. The difference is mainly according to universities and institutes in the country. However, it should be noted that Spanish universities impose fees when applying for admission. University fees in Spain differ from one university to another, but the amount does not exceed 65 euros.

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With regard to university fees, it can be said that the average quarterly fees amount to approximately one thousand euros, and the variance depends on several factors, the most important of which is the chosen university and the major to study. Here’s a rough view over the following points:

Public universities

  • The yearly amount needed to get a bachelor’s degree ranges between 700 and 1400 euros, depending on the major.
  • The annual amount needed to obtain a master’s degree ranges between 1220 and 1480 euros, depending on the major.
  • The annual amount to obtain a doctorate degree ranges between 1350 and 1500 euros, depending on the major.

Private universities

The yearly amount needed to obtain a bachelor’s degree ranges between 5,000 and 17,000 euros, depending on majors. The annual amount needed to obtain a master’s degree ranges between 1320 and 2150 euros, according to the majors. The annual amount needed to obtain a PhD degree ranges between 1400 and 2,500 euros, depending on the disciplines.

These numbers are approximate and depend on the desired specializations, as in Spain universities. It’s worth noting that dropping out of the study and returning again to complete it will cause the fees to be raised almost double. Similarly, the average cost of textbooks for subjects is less than one thousand euros annually for all disciplines.

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Living Cost in Spain for international students

The cost of living in Spain is a bit different for its dependence on the university headquarters where students stay. The standard of living is based on the students’ capability to spend. Note to self: for those who want an average life during studies, housing in Mallorca, Barcelona, and Madrid isn’t an option. Likely because these cities are expensive in Spain, and globally. Generally, it is among the list of the most expensive cities according to international rankings

Among the most important living costs in Spain, accommodation and the cost of housing are available with a number of options. This includes the following:

University dormitory rooms

These are available with many Spanish universities and colleges and are divided into two types.

The first one is the location, the first section is within the university campus and the second section is in an area outside it but very close to it and doesn’t need transportation. The prices of these residential rooms range between 250 and 300 euros, with an amount of recovered insurance if the student leaves the room.

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Cultural exchange housing

The program includes a number of families hosting the student during his stay in the country for monthly rent ranging between 400 and 500 euros. These housing programs are most popular among students.

Some students prefer to rent an apartment of their own or sharing with other students. Depending on the location of the apartment and its area, the price can be adjusted, but in the case of sharing with students, the cost is close to the two options above.

There are also hotels that students use which offer a residential studio called long-term residence packages that are available in all Spanish cities. Usually, these can be very expensive, and their monthly wages may reach three times the previous options. This type of hotel apartment can be rented for weekly or monthly payments over a period ranging between a month or a year. Furthermore, such hotels provide all the services that students may need like telephones, television, and washing service for each building.

Transportation and Food

As for transportation, the student has options like using public vehicles like buses, which happen to be all over countries. Trains are one of the best options because they are the most comfortable. Taxis are available throughout the day in most regions of Spain, but its cost is slightly higher than the above two options.

When it comes to food, the prices vary according to the chosen restaurant, between 5 and 25 euros per meal. Students can prepare meals themselves, where 350 euros is sufficient per month to cover the cost. Food prices are reasonable in Spain!

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