Top 5 Tips for Affordable Education in Spain

The cost of living and studying in Spain depends on the program you choose and the city you live in. However, even if you chose to live in one of the main cities in Spain, it will still be a lot cheaper than living in any of the surrounding European capitals. Stay tuned as we discuss the top tips for affordable education in Spain.

Spain is more affordable than its neighboring European countries. For example, the cost of living in Barcelona is 30% cheaper than in Paris. Likewise, the cost of living in Madrid is 39% cheaper than London. That being said, if you prefer popular coastal cities like San Sebastián, it will be a lot more expensive.

Get an overview of the tuition fees and living cost in Spain.

The cost of education in Spain

The cost of studying in Spain depends on the program you choose and how long it is. For example, the New York University program in Madrid estimated that the cost of living in Spain is $7,500 to $10,700 per semester (tuition fees not included). Additionally, tuition fees are calculated based on the arts and science program at New York University (approximately $1500 per credit hour).

There are other options that allow you to get an affordable education in Spain. These include winter offers and spring break offers at Sol Education Abroad, which is located in Granada, Spain.

Here are our top 5 tips for affordable education in Spain:

Choose a shorter program

The longer the program, the more expensive it is. Therefore, instead of paying for a full year program, here are some alternatives:

  • Extensive 5-week summer program.
  • January programs.
  • Short spring break programs.

A shorter program will cost less while still giving you the opportunity to try a different culture and enhance your language skills. Not only that, but it will make for an impressive resume.

Avoid universities with high tuition fees

Just like in many countries, the quality of education at universities in Spain will vary greatly. Furthermore, you need to carefully choose the city you would like to study in and search for affordable tuition fees. We also advise that you check out foreign exchange programs, and you can even apply directly to a university in Spain.

Apply to study a full degree at universities in Spain

Why apply for one semester when you can study a full degree in Spain? EU students can study in Spain for free by applying to one of the universities in Spain. Even if you have to pay, tuition fees for international students at public universities are affordable. In fact, they range from €680 to €22,080 a year.

Learn here how to apply for university studies in Spain.

Choose a program that includes Homestay accommodation and meals

Considering that the cost of living in Spain is the largest expense, Homestay is the most affordable choice. Furthermore, a Homestay program where you live with a Spanish family will cost you a lot less than a shared apartment.

Most accommodation programs include meals and laundry. Not will Homestay save money, but it will give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in Spanish culture.

Learn more about student accommodation in Spain here.

Get a scholarship to study in Spain

If you want to get affordable or free education in Spain, you need to apply for every scholarship you qualify for.

To apply for all the scholarships you qualify for, visit the study abroad office at your college in your home country. We also advise that you search online for types of scholarships in Spain.

For more information, read our article on the types of scholarships in Spain.

Top cheapest universities in Spain to get an affordable education

Here are some of the cheap universities in Spain international students can check out to earn a degree at a lower cost.

University of Granada

This university, located in the city with the same name, is also the fourth-largest university in Spain. The institution has existed since 1531, and hosts about 80,000 students in its 4 schools and 17 faculties. It is also among the best universities in Spain, famous for its Translation and Interpreting study program. Yearly tuition fees at the University of Granada start at €900.

Learn more on the university’s website.

University of Valencia

This institution, apart from being one of the cheapest universities in Spain for international students, is also one of the oldest universities of the country. Its origin dates back to 1499 and it currently hosts about 55,000 students. The university hosts 13% of international students in its 18 schools and faculties, on 3 campuses. Tuition fees at the University of Valencia start at €900 per year for an undergraduate degree.

Learn more about the institution here.

University of Salamanca

Founded in 1218, this university is the oldest in the country, but also among the oldest in Europe. And being one of the most affordable institutions of higher education in Spain, the university also attracts a fair amount of international and exchange students every year. The university of Salamanca hosts more than 30,000 students, 18% of whom are international students, studying in a vibrant, multicultural atmosphere.

Learn more about the University of Salamanca

University of Alicante 

The University of Alicante is located in the city of San Vicente del Raspeig, and was established in 1979. Hosting about 28,000 students, the institution has 70 departments and a few research groups in several subjects. The university offers mostly programs in Spanish, while some programs in computer science and business are taught in English. Yearly tuition fees at the university start at €2,500 for graduate and undergraduate studies. 

Find out more about the University of Alicante

University of Jaén

Located in the city of Jaén, in Andalucia, this university is a young public institution in Spain, since it was established in 1993. With tuition starting at €2,500 per year, the University of Jaén offers more than 40 degrees in various subjects in Spanish and in English. Along with its main campus in Jaén, the university has also 2 satellite campuses in Linares and in Ubeda. It is also divided into 3 campus, 3 schools, 2 technical colleges and 1 research center.

Learn more about the University of Jaén

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