Top 4 Cities in Denmark for International Students

Top 3 Cities in Denmark for International Students

The higher education system in Denmark is ideal for students who are looking for a top-level education. Indeed, university programs in Denmark focus on promoting innovation, analysis, and initiative as well as critical thinking. Additionally, you will benefit a lot from an education system that is constantly developing with the world. In Denmark, you’ll get a high level of education in a student-friendly environment. Stay tuned as we discuss the top cities in Denmark for international students.

Copenhagen, the capital

Firstly, Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. The city has the largest population in Denmark, with a population of over 500,000 habitants. Additionally, Copenhagen is located on two islands in the North Sea region, with most of the city being on the island of Zealand.

The city also has various islands in addition to being only a straightaway from Sweden. Not only that, but the city has also various historical landmarks as well as natural landscapes. On top of that, Copenhagen is one of the safest cities in the world.

The minimum cost of living in Copenhagen is €950 a month which includes housing, food, transportation, clothes, and other essentials. On the other hand, the maximum cost of living can reach up to €2000 a month. Additionally, the cities has many universities and higher education establishments to choose from, which include:

  • Copenhagen University: this university places 30th in world university rankings. Additionally, the university offers various programs and even gives students the opportunity to study their Masters in English.
  • Technical University of Denmark.
  • Copenhagen Business School.
  • Copenhagen University College of Engineering.
  • Zealand Institute of Business and Technology.
  • Copenhagen Business Academy.
  • Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College.
  • Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

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Aalborg, the 2nd top city for student in Denmark

Secondly, Aalborg is the 3rd largest city in Denmark and is also among the oldest cities. Additionally, it is located in the north and is an important center for business and commerce.

The city is also full of natural scenery and historical landmarks. Not only that, but the city is known for featuring one of the most famous streets in the world.

There are many universities in Aalborg, including:

  • University of Aalborg: this university is among the top universities in Denmark.
  • University College of Northern Denmark.

Aarhus, Jutland capital

Thirdly, Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and is known for being a center of education, it is also one of the most important cities on the island of Jutland.

Additionally, the city attracts students and tourists alike and features many historical landmarks. Not only that, but Aarhus is also the home of The Open Air Museum, which is one of the oldest museum in Denmark.

Undoubtedly, the city has a number of esteemed universities, which include:

  • Aarhus University
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism.
  • Aarhus University School of Engineering. 
  • Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.
  • VIA University College
  • Jutland Art Academy
  • Aarhus Technical College 
  • Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences.

Odense: 4th of the top cities in Denmark for international students

At the fourth place of our top student cities in Denmark is the third-largest city of the country. It’s also a city famous for being the birthplace of the writer Hans Christian Andersen. Another advantage of the city is that it’s in the middle of Denmark, so it’s very easy to go to other big cities such as Aarhus and Copenhagen from Odense. 

Among the best landmarks of the city are the Egeskov Castle, Denmark’s Railway Museum, the Funen Open-Air Village. Moreover, there are a lot of cafés for students where they can do their homework or just socialize. Odense is also at its best during from April to October, during the warm seasons where the city is vibrant with a lot of festivities.

Accommodation rent for students amounts 94 DKK / m2 (12.64 euros), which is quite affordable. And another reason that makes Odense a city good for students is the fact that you can cycle from one end of the city to another in a very short time. It will be very easy to get to your university every morning, a 20-minute bike ride will do the trick!

Higher education institutions in Odense include: 

  • University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • UCL University College

The University of Southern Denmark prides itself on being a sustainable university. While UCL University College is a lead institution in business studies in Denmark, both for Danish and international students.


According to recent statistics, Denmark is the happiest country in the world. These statistics are a testament to the comfortable lifestyle that Denmark offers.

Additionally, the country is one of the top countries in terms of safety and security. Therefore, it also offers a student-friendly environment that further encourages you to study hard and gain the professional skills you need for your future career after graduation.

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