Top Specialties to Study in the 5 Best Universities in Denmark

We’ve previously discussed how to apply to universities in Denmark and how to get a scholarship to cover the cost of studying. However, today we will discuss the top specialties to study at the top universities in Denmark. Moreover, we will give you examples of some of the best specialties in Denmark that are taught in English.

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Aarhus University

Firstly, Aarhus offers a wide variety of Bachelors and Masters specialties to study in Denmark that are taught in English. Among the specialties at this university are:

Civil engineering and architecture

The engineering specialty in Aarhus is at a Masters level. This specialty will give you a plethora of skills and experience in building and architecture. In your first year, you will learn the principles of architecture. You’ll also learn to work in groups for a combination of theoretical and applied studies. In your second year, you will be working on your Master’s thesis (your supervisor will determine the topic you will be working on).

Economics, business management and marketing

This specialty is taught on a Masters level. Additionally, this program will give you the necessary skills to market and manage private and government corporations. Once you graduate, you will have all the professional and communicative skills you need in the field. You’ll also have a deeper understanding of the factors that affect the marketing process and its relationship with consumers.

English Language Studies

This program is for those who are passionate about languages, especially the English language. Aarhus offers a two-year Masters program in English language studies for €4000 a year.

Copenhagen University

Copenhagen University only offers English-taught Masters specialties to study in Denmark. In other words, all Bachelors degree programs at the university are taught in Danish.

Masters in anthropology

The anthropology department at Copenhagen University is one of the largest anthropological research centers in Europe. You can either specialize in business and organizational anthropology or medical anthropology.

Human biology

This specialty focuses on the biological process that affects the human body.

Masters in law

This law program is two years long and costs around €5000 per year. In those two years, you will learn Danish as well as international laws.

Roskilde University

Chemistry and computer science

 This specialty is a combination of knowledge in the field of chemistry and the skills and technology in the field of computer science. You’ll get to study all the branches of chemistry: organic/inorganic chemistry, quantum chemistry, biological chemistry, and physical chemistry. Additionally, you learn about technologies, analytical theories and ways to design and build programming systems.

Molecular biology and physics

This Masters program allows you to analyze, formulate and discuss issues in molecular biology and physics. You will then be able to form hypotheses that allow you to conduct experiments based on scientific evidence in the field.

Technical University of Denmark

Masters in biotechnology

This Master’s program in biotechnology is a mixture of biology, chemistry, medicine, and engineering. Your main aim will be to discover, develop and manufacture new products. These products include biofuel and microorganisms.

Masters in design and creative practice

This program will give you all the skills you need to succeed in the creative industry. Furthermore, students need to have the design and creativity skills needed in the technological industry.

Environmental engineering

This Master’s program in Environmental engineering gives students the necessary skills to resolve complex environmental problems. You’ll also need to take into account social, legal, economic and resource issues. Furthermore, this program is research-based, with its main focus being technology and the environment.

University of Southern Denmark

Bachelors in product design and development

This program will give you the chance to manage projects and manufacture products for various companies and corporations in the industry. After graduation, you’ll take on many roles. For instance, you can be a project manager, production planner, and developer or a business developer. Additionally, you can also analyze and coordinate in the production field.

Masters in finance and accounting

This program helps you develop the necessary skills to resolve all the main finance issues at companies and corporations. You’ll also develop the skills to make financial decisions.

Masters in mathematics

This Master’s program in mathematics will develop your theoretical and scientific knowledge in the field of mathematics. You’ll also learn to handle various mathematical processes.

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