Do You Think about Studying Bachelor’s Degree in Finland?

When it comes to top-quality education, Finland is one of the first countries that come to mind. So studying bachelor’s degree in Finland is the best choice. As this unique country offers remarkable study options for students from around the world. Not to mention that it provides appropriate educational atmosphere developing students’ skills in various fields such as social, political, economic and technical.

As an international student who is graduated recently or at the secondary level, many questions come to your mind around the direction you will choose to study in.

Also, there are many majors available in bachelor’s degrees in Finland, that’s why we will list in this article the bachelor’s offered in the top Finnish Universities.

A bachelor’s degree is usually the first degree you get at the university.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers an opportunity for students to study the Bachelor of Social Services, which extends for three and a half years. Besides, the tuition fee for this major costs 11,000 euros per year.

Generally, Social work-study focuses on everything related to the social field and services that individuals can provide to develop society, and the work is with all Community members on all topics.

Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing

To study Bachelor’s in International Marketing, you should go to Aalto University which its tuition fee is 12,000 euros per year. In the first place, you will not only study courses related to marketing, but also manage projects and work on developing them.

Besides, one of the most important conditions for admission is to obtain an average of at least 6.5 in the IELTS exam in English.

Upon graduation, students will have the opportunity to work in jobs such as product monitoring, analysis, consulting, sales management, accounting, and other different perspectives.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering program is taught at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The available subjects in this program are mathematics, physics, and chemistry and communication technology. The duration of study is three years.

Besides, the study program is available for all students who obtained a high school diploma. Also, it must be recognized in Finland and equivalent to the high school diploma in Finland.

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management

For those wishing to pursue studies with a bachelor’s degree in industrial management, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences provides an opportunity for these students.

The study program includes design, planning and production development. In addition, the main language of instruction is English and the study duration is from three to four years.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Communication Technologies

To study the major of engineering and communication technologies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, you first have to submit the entrance examination.

Besides, the duration of the study is four years and the tuition fee is 8,000 euros per year.

The study program includes communication-related to working life in the field of information technology and communications. In addition to the methods and tools used in phone programs and product development and other subjects related to the field of engineering and communication technologies.

European Marketing Bachelor’s Degree

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers Bachelor’s degrees in European Marketing, taught in partnership with other institutions and universities. It aims to provide students with basic knowledge and applied methods in the economic field.

Subjects of the program are finance, enterprise development, the European market and economics, communication, economic law and others.

Besides, the Tuition fee of European Marketing is 10,000 € and the language of instruction is English.

Tourism Bachelor’s Degree

For lovers of tourism, LAB University of Applied Sciences offers a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism.  The study extends for three and a half years. During this period, the student learns how to deal with various situations in the field of tourism, starting from designing and developing services and ending with how to manage a tourism project.

Also, the same university offers a Bachelor’s degree in transportation. The duration of study ranges from three to four years. During this period, the student learns about transportation and management techniques.

Besides, Most of the available majors in Finland’s universities that taught in English are in the Universities of Applied Science.

 They offer 100 programs for a Bachelor’s degree in English. On the other hand, other universities offer undergraduate programs in both Finnish and Swedish.

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How to get a Bachelor’s degree in Finland

Bachelor’s study in Finland takes around 3 years to complete, after the student get 180 ECTS credits. Usually, once you are admitted in a Finnish university, you automatically get study rights for both a Bachelor and a Master’s degree. To be eligible for a bachelor’s degree program, candidates are selected through either on their grades or entrance exam, or both. 

These programs often consist in basic and intermediate studies in major and minor subjects. Also, they have language and communication courses, work practice. And by the end of their studies, they submit a final Bachelor’s thesis.

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