How to get a Scholarship in Finland?

Wondering how to get a scholarship in Finland for your bachelor or master studies? We will provide you with scholarships types offered by universities either in full or partially funded for international students.

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In Finland, international students who choose to study in English have to pay the tuition fee for this program. But this does not prevent you to search and apply for a scholarship in Finland.

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University of Aalto offers fully or partially funded scholarships for excellent international students. Please note that scholarship does not include the cost of living. Besides, you can apply for a scholarship at the University of Aalto with the same application form used to apply for a specific degree program.

Additionally, the university also offers a scholarship of € 1,500 for excellent students, who get at least 60 ECTS at the end of the school year.

University of Eastern Finland Scholarship

The University of Eastern Finland offers a scholarship for excellent students. Besides, Scholarship is only for a Master’s degree and covers 100% or 80% of tuition fees. Also, you can apply for a scholarship with the same application form used to apply to the Master’s program.

Please note that scholarship covers tuition fees for two years in case the student earns at least 55 ECTS during the first academic year. Also, students who did not apply for the scholarship can do it in the second year in case completing the first year with at least 55 ECTS.

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University of Helsinki Scholarship in Finland

For all scholarships, students are required to study full time (earn at least 55 ECTS per year) to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship.

After the first study year, the progress of your studies will be checked and, depending on your progress, the scholarship will be continued.

Apply for a scholarship with the same application form used to apply for the Master’s program.

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Tampere University of Applied Sciences Scholarship

The Tampere University of Applied Sciences also provides scholarships for excellent students. Not to mention that it is awarded to students in both undergraduate and master’s degrees, it may cover half or all tuition fees.

To obtain the scholarship, it is done while applying for admission to the university or in the case of completing an academic year with at least 65 ECTS. Also, students who earn this average and did not apply for a scholarship can apply for it next year.

Those who are awarded a 50% scholarship can apply for a full-funded scholarship due to their excellence in the first study year.

Also, in the case the student did not meet the scholarship requirements by earning at least 55 ECTS, he will lose the whole scholarship.

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Turku University Scholarship

The university offers three types ofscholarships:

  1. Two years of scholarship for a master’s degree covers all tuition fees.
  2. Two years of scholarship for a master’s degree covers 50% of the tuition fees.
  3. Scholarship for outstanding performance of the student during the first academic year covers the tuition fees of the second year of the Master’s degree.

About 30% of international students applying for admission to a university receive a scholarship.

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Oulu University Scholarship

Also, Oulu University provides two types of scholarships for the Masters’ Students:

  • Two years of scholarship for economics school students covers 85% of tuition fees.
  • Two years’ scholarship for masters’ students for all majors covers 100% of tuition fees except those of the Economic School.

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CIMO International Center Scholarship

The center only offers scholarship for doctoral-level students and excludes undergraduate or masters students in English.

The center offers scholarships to cover students ‘ living costs from all countries in the world with a preference for students of specific countries.

Besides, there is no specific date for applications. Therefore, you must apply for a scholarship at least five months prior to its obtaining date. Students’ selections for this scholarship requires three months after submitting the Application.

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Universities in Finland offer different scholarships, so please apply for them in conjunction with your application for admission to a university in Finland.

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