Higher Education System in Finland

The education system in Finland is considered among the strongest systems globally. Besides, Finnish Education comes to the top among the most competitive countries in the education level according to recent reports. Also, it surpasses the most powerful world countries economically. Finland puts education in its priority and gives it a big interest.

Additionally, it considers education the cornerstone of the social system, which makes it one of the best countries in the world in quality education.

Education in Finland does not give importance to social differences and even differences in understanding. Every student has the same opportunities and rights to obtain a good education that matches its capabilities.

Like all countries of the European Union signed on the Bologna Convention, Finland is also subjected to the terms of this agreement for dividing the academic years into bachelor’s and master’s degree studies in the higher education system.

For international students looking to start their higher education path in Finland, they have the choice between Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences.

Universities in Finland

Studying in Universities focuses on academic and scientific research and education. Besides, Finland provides 14 Universities which teach various sciences. Also, it consists of three cycles, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a PhD.

Finland Universities’ main task is to partake in scientific research and offer the highest level of education accordingly. They are usually independent institutions, making autonomous decisions on the matter of their internal administration. 

Study courses are rigorous in the universities in Finland, and admission is harder. But the main advantage is that you don’t pay any tuition fees, unless you enroll into some international programs, MBA and LLM degrees… However, even though you apply to fee-paying study programs in Finland, you are eligible to get Finnish government’s aid and grants. 

Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland

There are 24 private Universities teaching applied science and technology in Finland.

Besides, education in UAS emphasizes cooperation between students in various fields such as economics, industry, and services.

Not to mention that students are trained in various disciplines that respond to the work market needs in Finland.

Besides, Universities of Applied Science are the same as Universities in two cycles. These are the bachelor’s and master’s degrees as Universities of applied Science do not have a doctorate program.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Finnish Higher Education System

In Finland, the Bachelor’s degree includes two parts:

Bachelor’s degree in Universities

The duration of the study extends for three years. Besides, you must obtain a Secondary school certificate from Finland, or a certificate of success recognized by Finland to be able to complete university studies in Finland.

Nearly most majors of Bachelor’s degree in Finnish Universities taught in Finnish or Swedish, while few majors taught in English. Besides, you have to obtain at least 180 ECTS during the academic period to succeed.

The majors taught in Universities consist of humanities, law, sciences, economics….

 Bachelor in Applied Science Universities

The duration of study may range between three and a half and four and a half years, depending on the type of major. Also, to achieve success during this stage, you have to obtain from 210 to 270 ECTS.

Students learn various topics related to the needs of the labor market. Besides, the study program consists of professional studies, elective studies, training field studies and a thesis or bachelor’s research.

The practical training period is mandatory for all students as it leads to developing their capabilities in various fields of work. Also, the student will examine his capabilities and apply various theoretical gains and knowledge in the practical field.

Master’s Degree in Finnish Higher Education System

It also consists of two parts:

Master in Public Universities

Master’s program consists of general studies, secondary studies, basic studies, language studies, and communication sciences and then work on master’s research. The duration of the study extends for two years.

Also, to continue studying for a Master’s degree in Universities in Finland, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree or other higher education degree related to the master’s subject.

Master in Applied Science Universities

The duration of study takes about one to one and a half years for a Master’s degree in one of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Also, you have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the majors taught at Universities of Applied Sciences and to be consistent with the subject of the master’s program.

You must have experience not less than three years in the subject of the master’s degree. To accomplish successfully, you have to achieve an average of at least 60 to 90 ECTS credits during the completion of the master’s study.

PhD’s Degree in Finnish Higher Education System

In Finland, only Universities offer PhD studies while Universities of Applied Sciences do not have any majors in the PhD.

The duration of study extends for four years, and you have to obtain 240 ECTS credits. Besides, research and studies on doctoral thesis are one of the most important components of the doctoral study program in Finland.

In addition to research, thedoctoral program contains a study of topics related to the area of thedoctorate major.

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