Top 10 Universities in Finland

Education in Finland ranks high and surpasses the top countries in the world in the quality of education. Therefore, we will talk in this article about the best 10 Universities in Finland for international students, and their ranking as well as faculties.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki ranks 56th among the top universities in the world according to the academic ranking of world universities, and occupies 1st rank in Finland.

This University offers many majors in its various faculties such as the faculty of Law, Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Arts, Social Sciences and Faculty of Biology and Oceanography.

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University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland is one of the largest universities in the country. Also, it is among the top 301-400 Universities around the world and ranks 2nd in Finland.

The University consists of 4 faculties: Philosophy, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Economic Studies and Science.

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Aalto University

Aalto University ranks third in the top Universities in Finland. Besides, it is among the best 401-500 Universities in the world.

It was created from the merger of three Finnish universities, Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and Helsinki University of Art and Design.

Today, Aalto University includes 6 schools: School of Arts, Design, and Engineering, School of Economics, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering and School of Science.

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University of Oulu

Ranked in the fourth place and also comes among the best 401 – 500 Universities in the world. Besides, the University consists of 7 faculties and 3 schools:

  • Faculties are such as Humanities, Education, Technology and Engineering Sciences, Medicine, Science.                             
  • Oulu Schools are the school of Engineering, Economics, and Metals.

The University of Oulu is an international university where various sciences are taught. Also, it motivates innovations which contribute to creating useful inventions in the future, and develop students’ knowledge and capabilities.

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University of Turku

The University of Turku is among the best 401-500 universities around the world, and it ranks fifth in the 10 best Universities in Finland.

It consists of six faculties and one school, which are: faculties of Humanities, Mathematical and Sciences, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Education and the School of Economics.

The University holds partnerships with a group of top universities and higher education institutions in the world in order to encourage scientific and educational research. Additionally, more than 2000 students come to university every year from all countries of the world.

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University of Jyvaskyla

This University is among the best 501-600 universities around the world and ranks 6th among the best universities in Finland.

The University consists of five faculties and one school; faculty of Humanities, Mathematical Sciences, Sports and Health Sciences, Education and Psychology and Technological Sciences as well as the University School of Economics and Management.

Also, it has more than 15,000 students from more than 100 countries around the world. Besides, the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences is the only one that teaches everything related to sports and health sciences in Finland.

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University of Tampere

It occupies the 7th rank and is among the best 601-700 universities around the world.

Besides, the university includes 6 faculties which are: Communication Sciences, Education, Management, Medicine and Life Sciences, Sciences and Social Sciences.

Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Also, It is known for its research on health and society. Besides, it hosts more than 15,500 students around the world every year.

Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees are taught in Finnish and English.

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Tampere University of Technology

The Tampere University of Technology is in the 8th rank. Besides, the University includes several faculties such as Bio-medicine and Engineering, Economics and Environment, Electronic Engineering, Science and Engineering Sciences.

The University gives the opportunity for students to get a high-quality education that gathers between theoretical and practical education. Also, it offers various study programs for students. Besides, the University combines research in science fields and related researches of industry, economics, and business.

Not to mention that this technology is the effective means and the most successful solution to face all the challenges and changes taking place in the world.

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Lappeenranta University of Technology

It is among the best 10 universities rankings in Finland. Besides, more than 6000 students come to the university per year, and the university is interested in scientific research and academic education.

Also, the University offers 16 programs of MA studies in Technology and Economics, and they are taught in English.

The University gives the top importance to studies of energy, water, economics and business which make it one of the most prominent questions that the university is working on in order to search for appropriate solutions through the use of the latest technology.

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Abo Akademi University

It ranks 10th among the 10 best universities in Finland. Also, it hosts more than five thousand students yearly.

Besides, the University includes four faculties: Arts and Psychology, Social and Economic Sciences, Science and Engineering and Education.

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