Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland

Studying in Finland, as previously mentioned in our article Higher Education system, is a great experience for students who are looking for the best and qualified education systems in the world. Universities in Finland are divided into two types: Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences.

Particularly, we will talk about the Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland, which are also called Polytechnic Universities. There are about twenty-four of them in the country. 

Here is our list of the best universities of applied sciences in Finland.

Aland University of Applied Sciences

Aland University is somehow small, but this is definitely a positive thing. Therefore, communication between students and professors is perfect. Also, the tutor becomes close to the students and answers all their concerned questions.

Besides, it offers Finnish courses for more than 600 students and teaches majors in fields such as economics, management, navigation, engineering, and marketing.

Additionally,  studying gathers between theoretical and practical aspects that help students to adapt more to the requirements of the business market, and work in groups or individually.

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Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Helsinki Metropolia University is distinguished by its various academic programs, whether in Bachelors or Master’s degrees:

For Bachelor’s degree; the University offers a range of majors such as e-science, media technology, social services, European business administration, and nursing.

For a Master’s degree: the academic programs vary among majors such as marketing and construction, industrial management and engineering.

Besides, the University is considered one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland, and it works to have qualified graduates in fields such as health, culture, social and economic services.

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Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The University is the fifth-largest university in Finland, and it teaches various fields such as education and culture, health, economics and engineering.

Also, it offers two study programs taught in English, and they are computer technology and international economics.

Besides, it has more than 9000 students from Finland and all over the world.

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Lurea University of Applied Sciences

Lurea University of Applied Sciences offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees programs in Finnish and English.

As for the Bachelor’s degree in English, it gathers different studies such as economic and administrative services, computer technology economics, nursing, safety, security and risk prevention.

The University also offers a Master’s degree program in English in majors such as services, innovation, and design, comprehensive development and marketing in healthcare. Besides, It offers a Master in Finnish in majors such as Marketing and Security, as well as Social Services and Health Care.

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Novia University of Applied Sciences

The University of Novia includes more than 4000 students and 300 frameworks. Also, it is the largest university taught in Swedish in Finland, in addition to, programs in English for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

English programs are as follows; Bachelor of Navigation Technologies, Health Care, Natural Resources and Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Culture and Arts, Economic Management and Master of Leadership and Design.

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences

It provides academic education according to European and internationalstandards. Also, it offers various study programs compatible with therequirements of the continued increasing market in the field of science.

Additionally, the University offers study programs in English in the field of the global economy while the fields of media, engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering, and construction services are taught in Swedish.

Also, it offers Master’s Programs in majors such as sports, health and services, technology, communication, transportation, and social sciences, management and economics.

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Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Savonia University has about 6000 students from 20 countries around the world. Besides, students can study a full bachelor’s and master’s degrees or study in exchange programs.

In 2018, the university opened four majors in English to study a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Mechanical Engineering as well as Nursing, Communication Engineering and Economic Management.

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Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Universities consist of three faculties and one institution; the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Economics and Management and Design institution.

Also, studying varies among mechanical and industrial engineering, environmental techniques and technology and studies in social sciences.

The university offers a variety of teaching languages, which includes teaching in Finnish as well as English.

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The main difference between a University and a University of Applied Sciences in Finland is mostly on the focus of the education. Universities of Applied Sciences open the way for students to discover and gain a unique experience.

This happens through studying the most important technical sciences and keeping on with the latest developments in the technological field. As a result, it leads to having high qualified graduates with great experience compatible with all Labor market requirements.

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