How to Work and Study in Finland?

Finland gives students a chance to obtain an education in the most prestigious universities around the world. But in 2017 it stopped offering free education for students who want to continue studying in programs in English at the university. Therefore, this makes students wondering if they can work and study in Finland in order to cover the costs of studying and living, which is somehow high compared to other countries neighboring Finland.

Can I work with a study visa / student residence permit in Finland?

The answer is yes, but with some restrictions regarding your country of origin and the nature of the job. The distinction relates to whether you are an international student from exchange programs or from an EU/EEA country or a non-EEA/EU citizen.

Students who are EU/EEA citizen can work during their study stay in Finland without the need of a work permit and no restrictions on hour. Students who are not from the EU/EEA countries on the other hand can only work part-time alongside their studies, with an average of 25 hours.  

But since the beginning of 2022, the government of Finland has increased the number of hours international students can work during their study stay to 30 per week. This came along with extending the “jobseeker’s permit” for foreign graduates and researchers from one to two years.

Also, Part-time work helps students to gain a new experience and enrich their CVs. This will help in getting full-time work after graduation.

The majority of students work in the evening hours, at the weekend and in summer vacation, which extends from the beginning of July to the end of August.

It is somehow difficult to find work in Finland when the student is neither fluent in Finnish nor Swedish.

Besides, to search for work in Finland, you need a sense of patience and to initiate and search for all the available possibilities to work in the city where you live. Also, you have to communicate with the available work offices in the region of the university where you study.

Tips to follow while searching for work in Finland

  • You can search for work by exchanging information with your colleagues, especially the Finnish students, as they have more information and aware of all the necessary procedures to be followed to obtain a job opportunity in Finland.
  • Use all social networks to find a suitable job as well.
  • Know all the procedures and measures taken to conduct a job interview in Finland.
  • To search on social media and newspapers about available job opportunities
  • To know all the needs of the labor market and the job suits you as a student.
  • Also, you must have the appropriate skills required for the job.

Working while studying through the Career Service Website

This website also provides the opportunity for students to search for work alongside their studies in Finland. Besides, it collects all page addresses that provide jobs in Finland.

Also, the website offers many services, such as providing assistance and advice to students in the first stages of the job search process.

Additionally, it provides a comprehensive guide about the important information you must acquire before starting work in Finland.

Get a part-time work through the labor services office in Finland

Besides, the Office of Labor Services at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland provides an opportunity for students by registering on the website and starts searching for suitable employment opportunities.

Once you accomplish your studies at the university, you have to take into consideration others’ experiences in fields related to your study subject. This is to double the chances of getting a job that suits you.

Also visit the available employment office in the city where you live to get a full-time work opportunity. This would be in your major field or in fields related to your major.

In case you submit your application, you must present all the required documents. In addition to your CV which includes all your experiences.

Therefore, working while studying in Finland is preferable in order to get the largest possible number of experiences. As this will contribute directly and effectively in enriching your professional and knowledge records as well as doubling your chances.

During a job interview, you must dress appropriately and elegantly. Also, show respect to committee interview and deal in a good manner.

How much can I earn in Finland as an international student?

Part-time jobs’ lowest salary in Finland for international students ranges between 7 and 8 euros per hour. But they can easily earn between 9-13 hours on average. This brings the total per month to 900-1300 euros, depending on the employment’s sector and some conditions you are willing to agree on. 

For example, evening shifts pay better, same as working on holidays. Furthermore, in Finland, you can earn double if you work on Sunday. For example, if you make 10 euros per hour on other days, on Sunday, you’ll get 20 euros/hour. 

One last thing, if you are working in Finland, you pay taxes on your income. The tax amount you should pay depends on the length of your stay. If you work and study less or more than six months. Moreover, there are some international tax agreements that grant tax deductions for students. 

For more info on the subject, check the Finnish Tax Administration’s website.

In case you had a previous residence visa as a student in Finland, you must renew it and apply for another one-year visa in order to work in Finland.

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