How to get a Student Accommodation in Finland?

Studying abroad, specifically in Finland, requires many procedures and preparations which include searching for suitable student accommodation compatible with the requirements of an international student. Therefore, we will highlight in this article the most important points related to how to find student accommodation in Finland.

Types of Student accommodation in Finland

Student accommodation in Finland is divided into several types:

Shared apartments

It is a good option for students’ accommodation.

2 to 4 students usually share one apartment. Besides, each student has his own room and shared kitchen and bathroom. Also, the bedroom includes a bed and the kitchen is furnished with basic appliances as well.

Family apartments

This type of apartment is often intended for couples or families with children. It contains 2 to 3 rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Besides, this type of apartment is often located near schools for children, squares, and gardens.

Studio Apartments

They are a good option especially for single students but more expensive and not always easy to obtain.

It is important to contact the office of the educational university you belong to in order to obtain all the information about student accommodation options available in the city where the university is located.

Students usually search for suitable student accommodation through the main organization in charge of student housing in Finland.

In addition, the Finnish Association of Student Housing Organizations provides all information about student accommodation in 22 destinations in Finland.

The Finnish Association of Student Housing Organizations website

To search on the website, you first have to register in the Finnish Association of Student Housing Organizations website.

Second, you have to choose one of the regional student housing organizations Finland-wide.

After you choose one of the organizations that offer student accommodation in the area related to your university, you have to fill the application form of accommodation.

For example, Helsinki City has the best university in Finland according to the world ranking of the top universities in the world.

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To find accommodation in Helsinki city, you have to search for the student accommodation website for this city. Also, this website offers all details related to the application.

Additionally, the website offers the largest possible number of options for the type of student accommodation, such as shared apartments, two-room apartments for one person, studio with shared kitchen, one-room studio and private kitchen, family apartments and furnished studio with kitchenette.

Tips to follow while applying for accommodation on the website

you have to fill out the student housing application form as well as all the student’s information, the required type of housing, and its potential cost (the cost of housing starts from 230 euros to 1500 euros per month).

After you fill out all the necessary information, you can send the application. Besides, the website staff check it and confirm all the information. Then you receive an acceptance letter of the application for student housing in Helsinki.

Finally, you can start the housing procedures accordingly such as signing the contract and conditions of housing.

Many other websites provide a search service for student housing in Finland, which offers many advantages to those looking for suitable housing.

Additionally, to search, you have to determine the required time to benefit from accommodation, the time of emptying, as well as the potential price. Also, the website offers all possible options for the student in the city where he has chosen to continue his studies.

Cost of student accommodation in Finland

The cost of student apartments varies according to the type of apartment, is features and the city where it is located. For example, an apartment in Helsinki is expensive compared to a student apartment in a small city in Finland.

You should consider that the demand for student apartments is usually more than the available ones in Finland. It happens especially in the fall semester with the arrival of many new students to universities in Finland.

Therefore, it is better to apply for student housing once you receive the letter of acceptance from the university.

Also, it is possible to rent a temporary apartment as soon as you come to Finland. Then search for suitable student housing with the university’s assistance or student union.

For more details on the costs, check our article about the cost of studying and living in Finland.

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