Best programs to Study Engineering in Austria

Study engineering in Austria

Studying in Austria opens the door for the students to identify many options of the study programs that meet all the students’ needs. In this article, we will provide the students, who are interested in the study of engineering in Austria, with a number of engineering specialties offered by the Austrian universities.

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The study of engineering is one of the most prominent disciplines that attract the students after finishing their secondary studies. The Austrian universities provide various study programs for the study of engineering, including the following.

Electrical Engineering and Mobility Systems

The electrical engineering and mobility systems discipline is taught in the Karnten University of Applied Sciences in Austria. After completing studies, the student obtains a master degree in the engineering sciences. The qualification requirements for these disciplines include:

Holding a bachelor’s program in the field of Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering and Electronics.

Moreover, the language of instruction is English.

The study duration is four semesters. The tuition fees stand at 363 Euros per semester. About 19 Euros are also paid to the Student Union in the university.

The master degree focuses on the research and designing and implementing the modern electrical energy programs.

The graduate can understand and develop complex technical systems in the field of electrical energy development.

The student gains detailed knowledge of the electrical energy and the mobility systems. This is in addition to the acquired qualifications that open the door for the students to get important positions in the field of engineering, The graduate specializes in one of the master topics: electrical engineering or mobility systems.

Check the website of Karnten University of Applied Sciences for more info.

Environmental, Process and Energy Engineering

The Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) offers a master program in the environmental, process, and energy engineering. The study duration lasts for four semesters.

It is available full-time in English, as well as part-time in German. The program focuses on training the students on developing, controlling, and enhancing the engineering process and the application of new technologies. It also offers complimentary courses in economics and law.

In the first and second semesters, you study the main curricula for the engineering program. While in the third semester, the student chooses one of the two specialties: the environmental or energy engineering. In the last semester, students work on the master research and take the final exams.

Learn more at the Management Center Innsbruck.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

The University of Graz offers a master program in the chemical and pharmaceutical engineering. The study consists of four semesters. It is taught exclusively in English. The program is multidiscipline one, as it focuses on chemistry, pharmacology and process engineering.

The program is being given by highly qualified experts and professors, in addition to the lab work, in which all the modern technologies used in this field are available. This study enables the students to do researches either on the national or international levels. It also allows them to gain experience in the field of engineering.

Check further information about Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering at the University of Graz.

Best engineering universities in Austria

Here is our top 5 of the best universities where international students can study engineering in Austria. 

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)

Known as the best engineering university in Austria, TU Wien has 5 campuses located in central Vienna. The university holds 8 faculties where 3 of them focus on engineering: Electrical engineering and information technology, Mechanical and industrial engineering, and Civil engineering. 

The institution hosts over 28,000 students and has more than 3,800 scientific staff. The Vienna University of Technology ranks in the top 100 best engineering universities worldwide.

Find out more about the Vienna University of Technology 

Graz University of Technology (TU Graz)

TU Graz is located in the second-largest city in Austria and among the universities that provide the best engineering programs in Austria. It hosts around 14,000 students through 3 campuses in different locations. 

The university holds 7 technical faculties among which 5 are engineering-focused: Computer science and biomedical engineering, Technical chemistry, chemical and chemical process engineering, biotechnology, civil engineering, Mechanical engineering and economic sciences, Electrical and information engineering. 

Learn more about Graz University of Technology 

Johannes Kepler University 

The Johannes Kepler university is one of the leading institutes in the country for science, business and technology, including engineering. It’s another high-profile institution in the country, hosting around 23,000 students and 130 professors. 

The university has 4 faculties, among them is the faculty of engineering and natural sciences (TNF). This faculty has 58 institutes and holds 30 academic degree programs. One of them is the doctorate in Engineering Sciences. 

Find out more on the website of the Johannes Kepler University 

University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck is the third-largest university in Austria and one of the oldest in the country. It has 16 faculties which offer 129 programs to more than 27,000 students. 

Its Faculty of Engineering Sciences (FES) has emerged from the former Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences in 2013. But the department has taught an expanded range of technical disciplines since 2009.

Learn more on the website of the University of Innsbruck 

University of applied sciences Upper Austria 

The last university of our list is one of the best places to study mechanical engineering in Austria. It has 4 faculties on 4 campuses and offers 68 internationally recognized academic degree programs. 

Moreover, its Wels engineering campus offers as well numerous degrees related to engineering and technology. Among them are Mechanical engineering, Applied energy engineering, Automation engineering, Innovation engineering and management, to name a few. 

Find out more on the website of the FH Upper Austria

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