Studying in the University of Vienna, Austria

We can not stop talking about such a beautiful country like Austria. We aim to provide you with as much information as you may need to study in this fascinating European country. Today, we will discuss studying at the University of Vienna. We will also highlight its most important features and how to enroll.

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in Austria. It was founded in 1365. The institution is the second-best university in Austria. Moreover, it ranks among the best 151-200 universities around the world, according to the Academic ranking of world universities.

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The university consists of 15 faculties and 4 centers. It cares about everything that is related to education and research. The centers do also certain missions that are related to education or research.

The faculties include:

The centers include:


You have to register via the official website of the university. Also, you have to upload copies of all the required documents with their translations, after transferring them into Pdf forms. All the documents should be easily readable, and you have to check the quality of the files before uploading them.

Create an Account

After creating an account and filling all the personal information, an account will be created. After that, the registration process will start through determining the degree you want to study: bachelor, masters, or PhD.

You just need to click on sending the request after uploading the required documents.

Moreover, the admission office will process the request in around 12 weeks. So, you have to submit all the required documents and correct information because any mistake might extend the process duration. The student’s acceptance message is sent by the university via the email included in the registration process.

In case an acceptance letter was sent, it is usually accompanied by a good deal of information, such as the possibility of taking supplementary exams before starting the study program.

Required Documents

You will need the following documents to register:

  1. Identity document
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Secondary school-leaving certificate that complies with the selected discipline in the university
  4. University’s acceptance letter
  5. Earned certificates
  6. Translated documents by a sworn translator, if they were not issued in German or English
  7. German language proficiency certificate

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There are many disciplines in the University of Vienna and each faculty offers a diversified study program.

For those students who are willing to study economics, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics offers a bachelor program in economics, statistics, and international business. It also offers masters programs in the same disciplines, in addition to banking and finance.

As for the PhD, the faculty offers the study of law, economics, transport, and marketing.

Regarding the mathematics, the Faculty of Mathematics offers programs in arithmetic, algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, and engineering.

Moreover, the Faculty of Physics offers many disciplines related to physics. It has various study programs in the bachelor, masters, and PhD degrees in the physical sciences.

The University of Vienna presents various programs through its different faculties as the following:

Bachelor Degree Programs

The University of Vienna has more than 50 bachelors degree programs. The university provides disciplines such as biology, ancient history, geoscience, German philosophy, media, law, linguistics, mathematics, pharmacy, and others that are only given in the German language.

University of Vienna Masters Programs

Most of the disciplines in the master’s degree are taught in the German language, with other few disciplines given in other languages. The offered disciplines in the master’s degree include applied linguistics, history, economics and media, and classic philosophy.

PhD Degree Programs

The university presents many disciplines for the PhD degree, including arts, linguistics, education and philosophy, law, natural and engineering sciences, humanities, and economics, business, and statistics.

All in all, studying at the University of Vienna is a wonderful and unique experience. It receives thousands of students from all over the world every year. This is due to its high-level study programs. It combines between the theoretical and practical studies.

University of Vienna Programs in English

The main language of instruction at the University of Vienna is German. You, then, have to provide a proof of proficiency in the German language for many programs. However, some degree programs offered by the University of Vienna are taught completely in English. Usually, these English-taught courses are for postgraduate studies (master and PhD). 

To enroll in them, you need to provide your scores in tests like IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced or PTE exams. You can choose among 30 programs completely in English at the University of Vienna, in which you can get a master’s degree. 

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