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As previously said, Austria is one of the recommended study destinations. It is replete with high-quality universities of high-level of efficiency. In this article, we will discuss how to learn German in Austria.

Austria is one of the European countries that enjoys an economic development and social growth. German is the official language in the country. There is a wide range of disciplines that are taught in German in Austria, either in the bachelor, master, or PhD degrees. The thing that makes mastering the German language a necessity.

One of the most effective ways of learning German is studying it in a German-speaking country. Austria offers numerous programs and courses for learning German.

There are many German-teaching centersThere are many German-teaching centers as well as language courses in Austria for international students, including:

The Language Center at the University of Klagenfurt

The center offers a wide range of programs to learn the German language in Austria.

The Intensive Program

  • Spring courses start in February until the end of June. Summer lessons extend from July to August. Autumn courses begin in September and end in November. While there is only one course in winter that starts by the mid of January and ends by the end of the month.
  • The program includes all the levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.
  • It is designed for everybody over the age of 17.
  • Prices vary according to the number of selected weeks. For example, the cost of two weeks, 48 lessons, is 505 Euros. Five weeks of 120 lessons cost 985 Euros. Moreover, the price of six weeks, 144 lessons, 1,145 Euros.
  • Students who attend the program receive a certificate with the overall grade: very good, good, fair, satisfactory, or non-satisfactory.

Individual Course

This is designed for those who can not attend regular courses because of professional or other reasons. It gives the opportunity to those who are willing to study the language privately to determine the course length, date, and contents. The price of one lesson is 55 Euros.

Learn more at the Language Center at the University of Klagenfurt.

Actilingua Academy

  • It is located in Vienna and offers lessons for different categories and levels.
  • The study duration extends from 1 to 52 weeks.
  • Prices vary according to the number of weeks.
  • All the levels include lessons that suit the student’s status: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • The academy offers an official exam to obtain the Austrian German Diploma (OSD) for those who took German lessons in this academy.
  • Those who earned the OSD with B2, C1, or C2 levels can submit this certificate as a proof of the German language proficiency. It also helps them get accepted to pursue studies in Austria.

To get more information, visit Actilingua Academy and OSD websites.

InLingua Salzburg Language School

  • The language school offers lessons for different levels in the German language. Prices vary according to the number of weeks.

Visit the InLingua Salzburg Language School website to know more.

The German Language School in Vienna

  • It offers different lessons according to the needs and requirements of the students.
  • The school has long-term lessons for those who want to learn German intensively. The minimum age of participants is 16 years. The course duration ranges between 12 and 36 weeks, from 20 to 30 lessons per week. The price of the 12 weeks is 1,853 Euros.
  • Short-term courses (standard German course) are also available. Students take 20 lessons during one or more weeks. The price of one week is 273 Euros.
  • It also offers the Intensive Course. It extends for one or more weeks, 20 lessons per week. The price of one week starts from 397 Euros.

Read more at the German Language School in Vienna.

Learn German through University Preparation Programs in Austria

Another option to learn German in Austria’s universities is to undergo the student’s preparation programs they offer. These courses target foreign university applicants who have not fulfilled the German language requirements or further examinations prescribed by the Austrian universities. 

However, these courses are only provided for students who have been admitted by an Austrian institution beforehand. And for the admission, a proof of at least a A2 level in German language is necessary. 

Learn more about these university preparation programs in Austria

Learn the German Language in Vienna, Austria

International students who are registered in a university in Vienna have a few more German courses they can check out. 

University of Vienna Language School 

Part of one of Europe’s most prominent universities, this language school offers distance, online and in-class learning. The German courses are academically-driven and structured in eleven course phases from A1 to C2 level.

Learn more on the website of the University of Vienna

ABC Bildungzentrum

The ABC Language Institute offers German classes at different levels for students, workers and people who need to speak German in their everyday life. It provides as well training in business German. 

Learn more about the ABC Language Institute

Internationales Kulturinstitute 

This language institute offers German course for beginner as well as advanced learners in 13 levels. Its main advantage is that you can choose between individual trainings and group studies. Also, the school fees include copies, books, certificates etc

Learn more on the website of the Internationales Kulturinstitute

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