Find a Job as a Student and After Your Studies in Austria

As we previously discussed, the costs of studying and living in Austria are kind of high. The thing that makes the students think about finding the right student job to combine work and study in Austria at the same time. This is the solution to cover all the expenses of studying abroad.

Work During Study:

As for the students from outside the European Economic Area or EU, they are governed by the act of the employment of foreign nationals.

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  • You should obtain the permit from the employer, which is requested from the Public Employment Service.
  • It should not be granted to the students, unless in the case of part-time jobs.
  • The work period should not exceed three months during vacations.
  • Bachelor, masters, and PhD students are entitled to get work permits of no more than 20 hours per week.
  • In case of training work which is a part of the study program, the student may not need a work permit.
  • Students tend more to jobs like telemarketing and tutoring.
  • To get more information about the organization of work and if you want to search for a suitable job, the employment office provides all the information needed for this topic.

Learn more at the Public Employment Service website.

How to find and apply for a student job in Austria?

There are many online job portals you can check to find a job you can do during your studies. There are even a few ones that are specialized in student jobs. Here are some platforms you can check out: 

Almost two third of students in Austria work to cover their financial expenses and most of them are international students. To apply for a student job, you need first and foremost a CV and a good motivation letter. 

For that, you may as well take advantage of the fact that many universities offer a CV check. Also, the Austrian Public Employment Service, AMS, provides a check-up of people’s application document after a pre-registration by phone. And all of this is for free. 

You can prepare your documents in English, if you are applying for a student job in a big city in Austria. Otherwise, if you can manage to have your documents in German, that’s even better!

At the beginning of your studies, make sure the job you are looking for is not too demanding, to avoid hindering on your study time. Something that might be useful to know also is it is easier to get a work permit for more than the hours you are allowed to have if you have already work for a few months in the company. 

That’s the case if you are a bachelor’s student who wants to extend your 10-hour right. The same goes for postgraduate students who wish to work more than the weekly 20 hours. But make sure to apply for a work permit as early as possible. And if you need an extension of your permit, apply for it 1 month before its expiration.

Work After Graduation

After graduating and obtaining your bachelor, masters, or PhD degree from a public or private university, you can search for a job and renew your residence permit for twelve months.

How to Search for a Job

There are many ways to get a job in Austria, such as newspapers, the internet, employment agencies, and others.

  • Employment Office: this office is the place where jobseekers and the unemployed can find suitable jobs. The companies send job openings to the office. Then, the office nominates a list of candidates who meet the job requirements.
  • Employment Agencies: there are many agencies that provide jobseekers with job opportunities. Most of these agencies offer temporary jobs. This is not negative, as you can work temporarily to secure all your needs to continue living in Austria. Many students consider this opportunity as a new beginning in their trip in searching for a job. There are many employment agencies in Austria, including the AVM and others. They pave the way for getting a job in different Austrian institutions and companies.
  • Searching online: using the internet for searching for a job is the fastest and cheapest way to search. You just have to select the job and search for the available job offers. One of the most used websites in Austria is Monster that offers many jobs. All you have to do is registering on the website and fill your personal information, including your specialty. This website will show you all the job openings that are related to your specialty. There are many job engine websites in Austria.
  • There are other ways to search for a job, such as the newspapers that allocate a part for the job requests. Moreover, we can not forget the role of personal relations, as Austria believes in the principle of trust. So, it is good for someone to recommend you for a certain job.

To learn more, check these websites: Public Employment Service, AVM Employment Agency, and Jobpilot website.

How to Apply for a Job

If a student found the job that matches their specialty in Austria, they should submit some documents to the relevant institution or company. These documents include a job application, C.V., copies of the earned certificates, training certificates, and others. Moreover, your application should be written in German.

If the employer found your application interesting, you will be invited for an interview. You have to make sure to show up early for the interview. You must have self-confidence, be decent, and wear a formal outfit.

In case you passed the interview, you will sign a contract that determines the job description, working hours, monthly salary, conditions, and contract duration.

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