How to Enroll in a University in Austria

Austria is one of the most beautiful European countries. It is also an important study destination that attracts many students from all over the world.

They visit it to complete their study path and enrich their balance of knowledge, in addition to obtaining certificates that promote their opportunities to enter the job market. If you are wondering how to enroll in a university in Austria, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Find a suitable university and know all the admission requirements.
  • Contact the admissions office to get an application form. You can also get it online, by downloading it from the university’s official website.
  • Students should submit all the required documents that prove their efficiency and meet all the enrollment requirements.
  • Students should submit all applications to the universities in Austria before September 1, as for the winter semester. Regarding the summer semester, you should submit your application before February 1. Deadlines can not be extended.

Required Documents

  • Admission application form. As mentioned before, it could be downloaded from the university’s official website or sent by the university.
  • Proof of nationality, together with a copy of both of the official ID and passport.
  • Copies of earned certificates. They should be translated to German or English.
  • Proof of proficiency in German, as it is the official language in Austria. A certificate of proficiency in English, such as TOEFL, IELTS, or CAE, may be required.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree

  • A secondary school graduation certificate that entitles the student to join a university.
  • German language proficiency (secondary school leaving certificate confirming taking German lessons, a German language diploma, or similar documents).
  • For those who are willing to pursue studies in English, they have to submit an English proficiency certificate, such as TOEFL.
  • Choose a bachelor’s degree program in one of the authorized educational institutions in Austria and learn about all the details to study in it.

Master Degree

  • Successfully completing an internationally-recognized bachelor degree or an academic equivalent.
  • Studying a master program lasts for two years on a full-time basis.
  • The same language proficiency requirements that were mentioned before.

PhD Degree

  • Obtaining a master degree that is consistent to the selected PhD discipline.
  • The same language proficiency requirements that were mentioned before.
  • Studying a doctorate program lasts for two or more years, according to the selected discipline.
  • The best way to apply is through contacting the chosen university and inquiring about all the official and academic requirements. Some of the Austrian universities offer an online registernation of personal information. After that, all the required information should be sent via email.

Austria enjoys a quiet atmosphere that encourages studying.

Moreover, professors are always ready to help students and provide them with all information and answer their queries.

This encourages the students to come to Austria to pursue their studies.

This was our discussion about how to enroll in a university in Austria.

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