Top 10 Universities in Austria

In our last article, we discussed the higher education system in Austria. As we previously said, it is a strong system with many important universities. Today, we will highlight the top 10 universities in Austria and their ranking according to the academic ranking of world universities.

1) University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck comes in the first place. It is between the best 150-200 universities around the world.

The university includes 15 faculties and the Faculty of Medicine that became a university in its own right. The most recent was the Faculty of Teacher Education which was established in 2012.

The instruction language at the university is the German language. However, you can pursue your studies in English in the master degree in the Faculty of Business and Management and the bachelor degree in the political sciences department.

Moreover, the faculties include many disciplines, including law, engineering sciences, psychology, and others.

Learn more at University of Innsbruck.

2) University of Vienna

The University of Vienna comes in the second place and between the best 151-200 universities globally. It is the oldest university in Austria.

The most popular graduates of the university include the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.

Study Programs:

  • Bachelor: business administration, economics, sport science, psychology, biology, …
  • Master: communication science, environmental sciences, urban studies, …
  • PhD: economics, humanities, social sciences, …

Read more at University of Vienna.

3) Medical University of Vienna

The Medical university of Vienna is in the third place and between 201-300 universities globally. It is one of the oldest universities in Austria. The university teaches only medicine. It is one of the best research universities in Europe and one of the top medical universities in Austria.

The medicine program consists of twelve semesters.

The university’s most famous graduates are Robert Bárány, the Nobel winner for physiology in 1914, and Karl Landsteiner who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology in 1930.

Get more information at the Medical University of Vienna

4) Vienna University of Technology

Top 10 Universities in Austria

Vienna University of Technology comes in the fourth place and between the best 401-500 universities around the world. It was founded in 1815. The university is one of the most successful technical universities in Europe. It is also the biggest research institute in Europe. It is also one of the top Austria universities for international students looking for engineering studies.

Study Programs :

  • Bachelor: architecture, civil engineering, computer science
  • Master: during four-year semesters, students study disciplines including engineering, technical physics, …
  • PhD: studies extend to 6 semesters to study disciplines, such as social and economic sciences, and technical sciences.

Check the website of Vienna University of Technology to know more.

5) Medical University of Graz

The Medical University of Graz is the fifth. It only teaches medicine with creative educational methods. It also trains future doctors and scientists.

Study program: students gain their skills by studying different fields. These fields are then combined into the field of medicine through seminars, clinical training, workshops, and participating in research and teaching activities.

Visit the Medical University of Graz for more information

6) University of Graz

It is the oldest university in the city of Graz. The university receives more than 22,000 students yearly. It is divided into 6 faculties: Catholic Theology, Business, Economics, and Social Sciences, Law, Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Environmental And Regional Sciences And Education.

The university’s most famous graduates are Erwin Schrödinger, the Noble winner for Physics, and the Nobel laureate in Literature, Ivo Andrić.

Check more at University of Graz.

7) Johannes Kepler University of Linz

In the seventh-place comes the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. Its students enjoy a combination of theoretical and practical education. The university offers many disciplines, such as medicine, engineering, natural sciences, and education.

Read more at Johannes Kepler University of Linz.

8) Medical University of Innsburck

Medical University of Innsburck is specialized in teaching medicine. Around 3,000 students pursue studies at this university. It is one of the most important medical universities in Austria.

Study program: it teaches different medical fields, such as dentistry and molecular medicine.

Furthermore, it is distinguished by its outstanding performance. The university gives great consideration to research, teaching, and medical care. It seeks to focus on the innovative sciences in fields such as oncology, immunity, and neurology.

Learn more at the Medical University of Innsburck.

9) Graz University of Technology

The university offers many academic and non-academic facilities and services for the students, such as studying abroad and the exchange programs.

Study Programs :

  • Bachelor: biomedical engineering, chemistry, geosciences, …
  • Master: physics, mathematics, …
  • PhD: civil engineering sciences, …

To get more information, visit Graz University of Technology.

10) University of Klagenfurt

Study Programs :

  • Bachelor: business and law, geography, history, philosophy, …
  • Master: English and American studies, geography and regional research, …
  • PhD: philosophy, social sciences, technical sciences, …

Visit the website of the University of Klagenfurt for more details.

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