Best Master’s Degree Programs in Austria

Studying in Austria is a very special experience. It opens the door for the international students to explore this European country with its wonderful landscapes and tourist attractions. This is not to mention the chances offered by the Austrian universities for students from all over the world to fulfill their study degree and get their knowledge needs. Today, we will discuss master’s degree in Austria for international students.

After obtaining their bachelor’s degree at an Austrian university, some students become interested in pursuing their studies to get a master degree. Even the international students who graduate from international universities think about getting a master degree from an Austrian one.

Master degree in History

  • The University of Innsbruck offers a master program in history. The study duration lasts for 4 semesters.
  • Students who hold a bachelor degree in a related discipline can join the program.
  • It is an intensive study program that aims to form diversified knowledge to study history and understand different cultures in both the past and present day.
  • The program also presents studying relations in their temporal and spatial diversity. Moreover, it puts the students in controversial discussions from different research perspectives: cultural, political, social, and economic.
  • It opens the door for its graduates to pursue studies in a doctoral program of philosophy in the same university.
  • Students obtaining the master of history can work in related fields, such as research as well as activities in archives, documentation, collections, and museums.

Visit University of Innsbruck for more information.

Master’s degree in Sociology

  • The Johannes Kepler University offers a master degree in sociology. The study lasts for 4 semesters.
  • It includes studying and examining the human behavior and its relation to the society.
  • Sociology creates the foundation to understand the social issues that arise in the social system.
  • Students who hold a bachelor degree in sociology or a related discipline can join the program.
  • Students obtaining the master of sociology can work in related fields, such as education and consulting, social services, healthcare, culture and entertainment, politics, tourism and recreational management, etc.

Read more at the Johannes Kepler University.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Webster University offer a master degree in business administration.
  • Students get several trainings in the fields of business administration, economics, marketing, accounting, and others.
  • The program’s graduates acquire experience and ability to solve business and economic problems.

Learn more at Webster University.

Translation Studies

  • The University of Innsbruck offers a master program in translation studies. The study duration lasts for 4 semesters.
  • Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline can join the program. However, mastering the German language is an essential prerequisite.
  • During the study period, students deal with texts from different disciplines. They acquire theoretical knowledge and skills to produce high-quality translated texts.
  • Students posses knowledge in the field of media communication. Graduates are also able to translate literary texts or perform simultaneous interpretation.

Find more at the University of Innsbruck.

Energy and Automation Technology

  • Vienna University of Technology offers a master program in energy and automation technology.
  • It is one of the four master programs presented by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.
  • The program includes enhancing the potentials for energy usage and preserving the environmental system.

For more information, visit the website of the Vienna University of Technology.

Master degree in Mathematics

  • The University of Klagenfurt offers a master program in mathematics. The study duration lasts for 4 semesters. The teaching language is English.
  • Students gain knowledge and skills in the field of (Applied) Mathematics and Statistics. Specializations are possible in the following focus areas: applied analysis, applied statistics, and discrete mathematics.
  • Upon completion of the master’s degree, students’ interdisciplinary opportunities are wide, ranging from engineering, natural, and life sciences to business and finance.

Learn more by visiting the University of Klagenfurt‘s website.

This was our little preview of some of the best master degree programs in Austria. To get more information, visit the websites of the universities.

Also, check our article about the top 10 universities in Austria, along with their official websites.

​​​Why Study for a Master’s Degree in Austria?

In comparison to other countries, Austria has among the highest quality education with multiple options for postgraduate studies. And the 50 universities in the country are there, providing master’s degree programs to more than 20% of international students that are enrolled in them. 

German is the study language in many institutions in Austria. But the last years have an increasing number of master’s degree programs in English targeting international students in Austria. 

Master’s programs in the country has not too much admission restrictions, even though it has become a little more competitive over the recent years. Austria still remains one of the countries in Europe where it is still easy to enter a master program.

Moreover, tuition fees for a master’s degree are relatively affordable in Austria, with a basic fee of €363 per semester. Better yet, students who are EU and EEA citizens do not pay any tuition fee. Non-EU and EEA ones have to pay about €727 per year for a master program that lasts more than 2 semesters. 

Find out how you can study in English in Austria.

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