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The study of medicine in Austria is one of the most prominent studies that attract many students every year. Today, we will discuss the study of medicine in Austria and highlight all its related aspects. We will present the study of medicine at the Medical University of Vienna.

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Study Medicine in the Medical University of Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna only teaches medicine. It became an independent university in 2004. The university aims to train a number of doctors to prepare them to access the profession of physicians in all specialties, regarding all the theoretical and practical aspects.

Medicine Degree

The study lasts for 12 semesters. It is taught in German language. The university admits 660 students every year to study the medical degree.

The university aims to qualify the students for the medical profession through studying knowledge, skills, competencies and conducts related to medicine.

The medical student has to identify different related aspects of such fields, such as the basic knowledge and main concepts. This also includes the study of the structure and composition of the human body and its development. The student also learns the ways of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, and identifying the acute and chronic illnesses.

Moreover, the student is obliged to respect the ethics of the medical profession and work by them while practicing. During the study period, the student learns different clinical skills, including identifying and evaluating the emergency cases, performing first aid, and other learned skills during the study or training period.

The medical student has to acquire some communication skills to be able to tell the patients’ families the necessary diagnostic procedure, test results, or even to encourage them.

Program Structure

The study of the 12 semesters include the following:

  1. 1st semester: this is an introductory phase. The student learn about health, illness, the human body, first aid, and more.
  2. 2nd semester: the student learns the different influences on the human body and how to make medical checks. This is in addition to studying genetics and biological regulations of the human body.
  3. 5th semester: the study is related to nutrition and digestion, reproduction and pregnancy, and human development.
  4. 8th semester: it includes the study of the physical factors of the human body in health and illness.
  5. 9th and 10th semesters: the student has to pass all the exams conducted in the previous semesters to be able to reach both of the ninth and tenth semesters. Students have to successfully complete the mandatory elective training in Internal Medicine.
  6. 11th and 12th semesters: after studying and passing all the semesters, students work as learning team members to the departments of the university clinics of the Medical University of Vienna and the accredited teaching hospitals. They are accompanied by mentors in their intensive, clinical instruction. 

Dentistry Degree

The study lasts for 12 semesters. You have to master German, as it is the teaching language. The university admits 80 students every year to study the dentistry degree.

The student learns the scientific basis of dentistry, in addition to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of problems and diseases of teeth.

Moreover, students explore different teeth diseases, such as the infection and inflammations. They receive training to handle accidents and emergencies. The student must also acquire some competencies to be able to deal with the patients effectively.

During the 12 semesters, students study all the aspects related to the dentistry, which are the same medical topics. In the last semesters, students gain practical experience with the patients through field trainings, in which they involve and expand in dentistry and dental surgery.

To be admitted to the program, you must achieve at least C1 level in the German language and pass the university’s entrance exams in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and language.

To register, visit the website of the Medical University of Vienna.

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Other top universities in Austria to study medicine 

Alongside the Medical University of Vienna, other institutions of higher education are renowned for their medical programs. Here are some other medical universities in Austria with their main programs for medical studies in Austria: 

Medical diploma at the Medical University of Graz

The university’s core curriculum revolves around subjects like epidemiology, treatment urgency, severity and disease prototypes. German is also the teaching language. Moreover, the program has 3 phases: basic introductory learning, medical skills and abilities development and clinical practice phase. 

Human Medicine Degree at the Medical University of Innsbruck

This program lasts 12 semesters and has a particularity which allows students to have contact with patients for the first semester. The course is interdisciplinary with practical and theoretical phases. The language of instruction is German.

Medical studies at the Johannes Kepler University 

Also taught in German, this program focuses on human medicine. It lasts 12 semesters split in 2. Courses are topic-centered, covering all basic medical subjects such as anatomy, pharmacology, individual organ studies, chemistry, physics, …

Human medicine degree at the Paracelsus Private Medical University

This medical program takes place in a private university, but the institution provides scholarship options to help students cover their study fees. The patient-oriented program prepares graduates to be suitable for any practice in the fields of modern medicine.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Austria?

The cost of studying medicine in Austria has remained constant in all medical universities of the country. As most of these medical schools are government funded, students from EU/EEA countries will have to pay 364 Euros of tuition fees per semester. Students who are not EU/EEA citizens will have to pay around 800 Euros per semester for their medical studies in Austria. 

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Requirements to study medicine in Austria for international students

It is important to mention that medicine programs in Austrian universities require a proficiency in German language. In this case, must provide your German Proficiency certificate at C1 level or above. 

The other documentation to prepare include: 

  • Complete application form
  • Educational transcripts
  • Valid passport
  • Statement of purpose
  • Certificate of conduct
  • Letters of recommendation

Also, students may need to provide the results of their Med-AT examination. Those who are to study medicine in an English-speaking institution in Austria must provide a IELTS/TOEFL certificate. Last but not least, candidates must have had excellent grades in Physics, Chemistry, Biology in high school.

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