The Best Courses to Study in Austria in Bachelor, Master and PhD

We previously talked about how to enroll in an Austrian University, today we will discuss the best study courses in Austria. We will also highlight the teaching language and costs.

The main language of instruction in Austrian universities is German, but there are few study courses that are provided in English. 

Discover these study courses in English in Austria as well as programs that will allow you to learn German in Austria

What are the main study courses taught in Austrian universities? 

Austria has a long tradition of first-class education and research studies in its universities. In more than 70 institutions of higher education, the country offers around 2,000 study courses. 

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in the country, founded in 1365. In this way, the institutions has around 200 study programs in different degrees available to its students, many of them provided in English.

Among the most popular study courses in the universities in Austria, there are humanities, including law, communication, history, pedagogy and language studies. International students in Austria are also there to study medicine, business, psychology as well as communication science. 

Bachelor Degree Courses

Biological Chemistry

  • The Johannes Kepler University of Linz offers a bachelor’s program in biological chemistry. The program provides learning biological chemistry both theoretically and practically.
    Moreover, completing this program successfully qualifies its graduate to practice professions at research facilities and medical laboratories.
  • The study duration lasts for 6 semesters. Each semester costs around 727 EUR. Additionally, the teaching language is English.

Learn more at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz

Molecular Biology

  • Graz University of Technology offers a bachelor program in molecular biology. This discipline is the basis for many applications in fields such as biotechnology, gene technology, and biomedicine. 
  • The study duration lasts for 6 semesters. Each semester costs around 727 EUR. The instruction language is German, together with some subjects in English.

Read more at the Graz University of Technology.

Management, Marketing Emphasis

  • Webster University offers a bachelor’s degree in management, with emphasis on marketing. It provides the students with an opportunity to study human behavior that affects the taken decisions during shopping.
  • Study duration takes from 3 to 4 years, depending on your high school diploma. Furthermore, students have to take an English proficiency exam as a prerequisite.

Check more at Webster University.


  • The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers a bachelor program in architecture. Basically, study is focused on research.
  • Study duration extends to three years.
  • Both of German and English language competency are required.
  • A semester costs 363.36 EUR for students from EU or EEA member states, while students from other countries pay 727 EUR per semester.

Get more information at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Master Study Courses in Austria

Human Resource Management

  • The International Business School offers a master’s program in human resource management. It combines both theory and practice. It also offers an opportunity for an in-depth study of organizations and the management of work. 
  • The study duration is 12 months. Tuition fees are 4,700 EUR per semester.
  • The teaching language is English.

More info available at the International Business School.

Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business offers a master program in strategy, innovation, and management control. Moreover, it presents an in-depth learning that develops the social skills you need to succeed.
  • The program combines both of theory and practice.
  • Instruction language is English.
  • The program’s duration is 4 semesters. The standard tuition fee is 363.36 EUR per semester. The tuition fee for both of Non-​EU and Non-​EEA citizens is 726.72 EUR per semester.

Visit the Vienna university of economics and business to get more information.

Study Courses for a PhD Degree in Austria


  • The Graz University of Technology offers a doctorate program in chemistry.
  • The study is based on the student’s work as a junior scientist who focuses on either basic research or the specialization in applied research. According to the specialization of the dissertation, the student will graduate from a doctoral program in either technical or natural sciences.
  • The student is involved in research and participates in exchanges with teachers and researchers, together with other students.
  • The duration of study is three years.
  • Languages of instruction are English and German

You can find more information at Graz University of Technology.


  • Vienna University of Economics and Business offers a PhD program in finance. The program combines both coursework and research.
  • The study duration is 6 semesters.
  • The language of instruction is English.

Learn more at Vienna University of Economics and Business.


  • The University of Innsbruck offers a PhD program in economics.
  • The program meets international standards. It also incorporates the latest developments and ongoing scientific discussions in the field.
  • The language of instruction is English.

Read more at the University of Innsbruck.

To sum up, today we showcased you some of the top disciplines in Austria. To know more, check our article about the top ten universities in Austria.

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