Study a Bachelor in Austria

In our last article, we talked about the best universities in Austria. Today, we will learn where to study a bachelor in Austria.

So, if you are interested in pursuing studies in Austria, this article will show you some bachelor programs offered by the most important universities in Austria.

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Archaeological Studies

  • The University of Innsbruck offers a bachelor’s program in Archaeological Studies. The study duration lasts for 6 semesters.
  • As a part of the program, students will acquire basic knowledge about physical archaeological records, as well as undertaking practical field research.
  • Students obtaining this degree can work in related fields, such as museology, cultural heritage preservation, tourism, cultural travel, and art trade.
  • The teaching language is German.

Visit University of Innsbruck for more information.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Another Bachelor study in Austria at the University of Innsbruck which lasts for 6 semesters.
  • Students of this program acquire competencies in civil and environmental engineering that enables them to plan, construct, calculate, implement, operate, and renovate buildings, bridges, tunnels, transportation systems, water supply installations, etc.
  • This degree enables graduates to work in planning offices, construction companies, or public service departments.

Business Administration

  • Webster University offer a bachelor degree in Business Administration.
  • The study duration lasts for 4 years.
  • The teaching language is English, since it is an American university in Vienna.

Learn more at Webster Vienna Private University.

Communication and Knowledge, Media

  • The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria offers a bachelor’s degree that enables you to learn about communication and knowledge transfer through new media.
  • The study duration lasts for 6 semesters.
  • This degree is based on a unique combination of both social science and technical skills. Moreover, these are supplemented by additional qualifications in the areas of communication, cooperation, solution orientation, project management, together with design thinking. 

For more information, check University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria website.

Technical Chemistry

  • Vienna University of Technology offers a bachelor’s degree in Technical Chemistry. The study duration lasts for 6 semesters.
  • In this degree, students will acquire the basic chemical knowledge, as well as gaining the practical skills for working in a chemical laboratory.
  • Moreover, students will understand the implementation of chemical processes on a large-scale, in addition to acquiring the general scientific and technical knowledge and skills that can be used beyond the field of chemistry.
  • Graduates will be familiar with the practical work in the chemical laboratory as well as with the theoretical principles and basic chemical concepts.

Find more at the Vienna University of Technology.

Cultural Studies

  • The Johannes Kepler University offers a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies. The study lasts for 6 semesters.
  • This program combines scientific and academic fundamentals of cultural studies, together with historical and critical perspectives and aesthetic practices.
  • Students obtaining this degree can work in international institutions and agencies in fields, such as culture, tourism, and education.

Read more at Johannes Kepler University.


  • The University of Klagenfurt offers a bachelor’s program in Geography. The study duration lasts for 6 semesters.
  • The teaching language is German, in addition to English.
  • This degree combines social and natural sciences, as well as examining how people shape their environmental world socially, politically, economically, and ecologically. 
  • Students discuss issues related to global change and central topics, such as transformation processes, globalization, social inequalities, and urbanization.

Learn more by visiting the University of Klagenfurt‘s website.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Vienna University of Technology offers a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. The study duration lasts for 6 semesters.
  • The course imparts a sound knowledge of mathematics as well as engineering and science, which form the basis for an understanding of the relationships relevant to mechanical engineering.
  • This degree enables graduates to work in the field of industrial research and development, academic work at universities or other research institutions. In addition, they can also work as a plant, safety, or test engineer.

Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • This 3-year program is offered by Modul University in Vienna and comes with a compulsory 900 hours internship for the students. 
  • You will get top-notch knowledge in the field of tourism, hospitality and events. The internship will provide you with first-hand practical experience as well as an opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice in a professional environment.
  • At the end of the study, students can specialize either in Hotel Management or in Tourism and Events Management.

Visit Modul University‘s website for more information

Why study a bachelor in Austria?

Located in the heart of Europe, Austria is praised for its safe and secure living environment. Renowned for its high-quality education, attested by the top ranked, well-respected universities worldwide, Austria also offers a variety of bachelor programs. Moreover, study fees are among the most affordable and the lowest throughout all Europe.  And whether you plan to get right away in the job market or you want to pursue your studies and specialize in other programs in your field, Austria is a worthwhile choice to enroll for a bachelor study.

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